Submissions from 2011

Technological advances in the management of unruptured intracranial aneurysms fail to improve outcome in New York state, Brad E. Zacharia, Andrew F. Ducruet, Zachary L. Hickman, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Neeraj Badjatia, Stephan A. Mayer, Mitchell F. Berman, Robert A. Solomon, and E Sander Connolly


Desensitization Of α7 Nicotinic Receptor Is Governed By Coupling Strength Relative To Gate Tightness, Jianliang Zhang, Fenqin Xue, Paul Whiteaker, Chaokun Li, Wen Wu, Benchang Shen, Yao Huang, Ronald J. Lukas, and Yongchang Chang

Submissions from 2010

Comparison of extraoral and transoral approaches to the craniocervical junction: Morphometric and quantitative analysis, Abhishek Agrawal, Daniel D. Cavalcanti, Ulises Garcia-Gonzalez, Steve W. Chang, Neil R. Crawford, Volker K.H. Sonntag, Robert F. Spetzler, and Mark C. Preul

Standardization and estimation of nitrate reductase activity in the leaves of Ammi majus L. (Bishops weed) in relation to sulphur deficiency and seed yield, Saif Ahmad, Inayat S. Fazili, Samdun Nisa Khan, and Malik Zainul Abdin

Health care burden of cervical spine fractures in the United States: Analysis of a nationwide database over a 10-year period: Presented at the 2009 Joint AANS/CNS Spine Section Meeting - Clinical article, Ali A. Baaj, Juan S. Uribe, Tann A. Nichols, Nicholas Theodore, Neil R. Crawford, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Fernando L. Vale

NF-kappaB signaling: a tale of two pathways in skeletal myogenesis, Nadine Bakkar and Denis C. Guttridge

Intravenous Hedgehog Agonist Induces Proliferation Of Neural And Oligodendrocyte Precursors In Rodent Spinal Cord Injury, Nicholas C. Bambakidis, Xukui Wang, Ronald J. Lukas, Robert F. Spetzler, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Mark C. Preul

ALSUntangled No. 5: investigating the Stowe/Morales ALS Protocol., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

ALSUntangled No. 6: Investigating Marty Murray's method., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

ALSUntangled No. 7: Investigating hyperimmune goat serum (Aimspro) for ALS., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

ALSUntangled Update 3: Investigating stem cell transplants at the Hospital San Jose Tecnologico de Monterrey., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

ALSUntangled update 4: investigating the XCell-Center., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

Dynamic lumbar pedicle screw-rod stabilization: In vitro biomechanical comparison with standard rigid pedicle screw-rod stabilization - Laboratory investigation, Hakan Bozku̧, Mehmet Şenoǧlu, Seungwon Baek, Anna G.U. Sawa, Ali Fahir Özer, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Neil R. Crawford

Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Impairs Memory And Alters The Gabaergic System In Aged Surgically Menopausal Rats, B. Blair Braden, Joshua S. Talboom, Ian D. Crain, Alain R. Simard, Ronald J. Lukas, Laszlo Prokai, Melissa R. Scheldrup, Bronson L. Bowman, and Heather A. Bimonte-Nelson

The legacy of hephaestus: The first craniotomy, Leonardo B.C. Brasiliense, Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Neil R. Crawford, Robert F. Spetzler, and Nicholas Theodore

Quantitative analysis of misplaced pedicle screws in the thoracic spine: How much pullout strength is lost?, Leonardo B.C. Brasiliense, Nicholas Theodore, Bruno C.R. Lazaro, Zafar A. Sayed, Fatih Ersay Deniz, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Neil R. Crawford

Paxillin and hydrogen peroxide-inducible clone 5 expression and distribution in control and Alzheimer disease hippocampi, John Caltagarone, Ronald L. Hamilton, Geoffrey Murdoch, Zheng Jing, Donald B. Defranco, and Robert Bowser


Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Bupropion Analogues As Potential Pharmacotherapies For Smoking Cessation, F. Ivy Carroll, Bruce E. Blough, S. Wayne Mascarella, Hernan A. Navarro, J. Brek Eaton, Ronald J. Lukas, and M. Imad Damaj


Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Efficacy And Pharmacological Properties Of 3-(Substituted Phenyl)-2β-Substituted Tropanes, F. Ivy Carroll, Bruce E. Blough, S. Wayne Mascarella, Hernán A. Navarro, J. Brek Eaton, Ronald J. Lukas, and M. Imad Damaj

Anterolateral C1-C2 transarticular fixation for atlantoaxial arthrodesis: Landmarks, working area, and angles of approach, Daniel D. Cavalcanti, Abhishek Agrawal, Ulises Garcia-Gonzalez, Neil R. Crawford, Paulo L.M.S. Tavares, Nicholas Theodore, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Mark C. Preul

Quantitative anatomic study of the transciliary supraorbital approach: benefits of additional orbital osteotomy?, Daniel D. Cavalcanti, Ulises García-González, Abhishek Agrawal, Neil R. Crawford, Paulo Leonardo M.S. Tavares, Robert F. Spetzler, and Mark C. Preul


Mechanism Of Allosteric Modulation Of The Cys-Loop Receptors, Yongchang Chang, Yao Huang, and Paul Whiteaker


Noradrenaline activation of neurotrophic pathways protects against neuronal amyloid toxicity, Scott E. Counts and Elliott J. Mufson


Neuroprotective role for galanin in Alzheimer's disease., Scott E. Counts, Sylvia E. Perez, Stephen D. Ginsberg, and Elliott J. Mufson

Biomechanics of a posture-controlling cervical artificial disc: Mechanical, in vitro, and finite-element analysis, Neil R. Crawford, Jeffery D. Arnett, Joshua A. Butters, Lisa A. Ferrara, Nikhil Kulkarni, Vijay K. Goel, and Neil Duggal

In vitro biomechanical analysis of a new lumbar low-profile locking screw-plate construct versus a standard top-loading cantilevered pedicle screw-rod construct: Technical report, Neil R. Crawford, Şeref Doǧan, K. Zafer Yüksel, Octavio Villasana-Ramos, Julio C. Soto-Barraza, Anna G.U. Sawa, Randall W. Porter, Frederick F. Marciano, and Nicholas Theodore

NF-kappaB functions in stromal fibroblasts to regulate early postnatal muscle development, Jason M. Dahlman, Nadine Bakkar, Wei He, and Denis C. Guttridge

Effects Of Hydroxymetabolites Of Bupropion On Nicotine Dependence Behavior In Mice, M. Imad Damaj, Sheri D. Grabus, Hernan A. Navarro, Robert E. Vann, Jonathan A. Warner, Lindsey S. King, Jenny L. Wiley, Bruce E. Blough, Ronald J. Lukas, and F. Ivy Carroll

Biomechanical evaluation of posterior thoracic transpedicular discectomy Laboratory investigation, Fatih Ersay Deniz, Leonardo B.C. Brasiliense, Bruno C.R. Lazaro, Phill I.P.M. Reyes, Anna G.U. Sawa, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Neil R. Crawford

Influence Of Fatigue On Hand Muscle Coordination And Emg-Emg Coherence During Three-Digit Grasping, Alessander Danna Dos, Brach Poston, Mark Jesunathadas, Lisa R. Bobich, Thomas M. Hamm, and Marco Santello

Genetic determinants of cerebral vasospasm, delayed cerebral ischemia, and outcome after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage, Andrew F. Ducruet, Paul R. Gigante, Zachary L. Hickman, Brad E. Zacharia, Eric J. Arias, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Justin W. Gorski, Stephan A. Mayer, and E Sander Connolly

Exacerbation of perihematomal edema and sterile meningitis with intraventricular administration of tissue plasminogen activator in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage, Andrew F. Ducruet, Zachary L. Hickman, Brad E. Zacharia, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Reshma Narula, Kuang-Hua Guo, Jan Claassen, Kiwon Lee, Neeraj Badjatia, Stephan A. Mayer, and E Sander Connolly

Intracranial infectious aneurysms: a comprehensive review, Andrew F. Ducruet, Zachary L. Hickman, Brad E. Zacharia, Reshma Narula, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Justin Gorski, and E Sander Connolly

Interactive effect of sulfur and nitrogen on growth and yield attributes of oilseed crops (Brassica campestrisl. and Eruca sativa Mill.) differing in yield potential, Inayat S. Fazili, Muzain Masoodi, S. Ahmad, A. Jamal, Jafar S. Khan, and Malik Z. Abdin

Chemokines and Cancer Progression: A Qualitative Review on the Role of Stromal Cell-derived Factor 1-alpha and CXCR4 in Endometrial Cancer, Ashley S. Felix, Robert Edwards, Robert Bowser, and Faina Linkov

Factors associated with Type i and Type II endometrial cancer, Ashley S. Felix, Joel L. Weissfeld, Roslyn A. Stone, Robert Bowser, Mamatha Chivukula, Robert P. Edwards, and Faina Linkov

KCNC3: phenotype, mutations, channel biophysics-a study of 260 familial ataxia patients., Karla P Figueroa, Natali A Minassian, Giovanni Stevanin, Michael Waters, Vartan Garibyan, Sylvie Forlani, Adam Strzelczyk, Katrin Bürk, Alexis Brice, Alexandra Dürr, Diane M Papazian, and Stefan M Pulst

Predictors of end stage renal disease in African Americans with lupus nephritis, Carlos Franco, Wonsuk Yoo, Domingo Franco, and Zeng Xu

The application of biomarkers in clinical trials for motor neuron disease, Jeban Ganesalingam and Robert Bowser

Mechanisms Involved In Systemic Nicotine-Induced Glutamatergic Synaptic Plasticity On Dopamine Neurons In The Ventral Tegmental Area, Ming Gao, Yu Jin, Kechun Yang, Die Zhang, Ronald J. Lukas, and Jie Wu


Microarray analysis of hippocampal CA1 neurons implicates early endosomal dysfunction during Alzheimer's disease progression, Stephen D. Ginsberg, Melissa J. Alldred, Scott E. Counts, Anne M. Cataldo, Rachael L. Neve, Ying Jiang, Joanne Wuu, Moses V. Chao, Elliott J. Mufson, Ralph A. Nixon, and Shaoli Che

Regional selectivity of rab5 and rab7 protein upregulation in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease, Stephen D. Ginsberg, Elliott J. Mufson, Scott E. Counts, Joanne Wuu, Melissa J. Alldred, Ralph A. Nixon, and Shaoli Che


In vivo RNAi-mediated α-synuclein silencing induces nigrostriatal degeneration, Oleg S. Gorbatyuk, Shoudong Li, Kevin Nash, Marina Gorbatyuk, Alfred S. Lewin, Layla F. Sullivan, Ronald J. Mandel, Weijun Chen, Craig Meyers, Fredric P. Manfredsson, and Nicholas Muzyczka


α-synuclein expression in rat substantia nigra suppresses phospholipase D2 toxicity and nigral neurodegeneration, Oleg S. Gorbatyuk, Shoudong Li, Frederic Nha Nguyen, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Galina Kondrikova, Layla F. Sullivan, Craig Meyers, Weijun Chen, Ronald J. Mandel, and Nicholas Muzyczka

Coupling between hydrodynamic forces and planar cell polarity orients mammalian motile cilia, Boris Guirao, Alice Meunier, Stéphane Mortaud, Andrea Aguilar, Jean-Marc Corsi, Laetitia Strehl, Yuki Hirota, Angélique Desoeuvre, Camille Boutin, Young-Goo Han, Zaman Mirzadeh, Harold Cremer, Mireille Montcouquiol, Kazunobu Sawamoto, and Nathalie Spassky

Persistent Currents And Discharge Patterns In Rat Hindlimb Motoneurons, Thomas M. Hamm, Vladimir V. Turkin, Neha K. Bandekar, Derek O'Neill, and Ranu Jung


K+ Channel Openers Restore Verapamil-Inhibited Lung Fluid Resolution And Transepithelial Ion Transport, Dong Yun Han, Hong Guang Nie, Xiu Gu, Ramesh C. Nayak, Xue Feng Su, Jian Fu, Yongchang Chang, Vijay Rao, and Hong Long Ji

Effect of weekend compared with weekday stroke admission on thrombolytic use, in-hospital mortality, discharge disposition, hospital charges, and length of stay in the Nationwide Inpatient Sample Database, 2002 to 2007, Brian L. Hoh, Yueh-Yun Chi, Michael F. Waters, J Mocco, and Fred G. Barker

Alexa Fluor 546-Arib[V11L;V16A] Is A Potent Ligand For Selectively Labeling 7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors, Arik J. Hone, Paul Whiteaker, Jesse L. Mohn, Michele H. Jacob, and J. Michael McIntosh

Combinations of genetic mutations in the adult neural stem cell compartment determine brain tumour phenotypes, Thomas S. Jacques, Alexander Swales, Monika J. Brzozowski, Nico V. Henriquez, Jacqueline M. Linehan, Zaman Mirzadeh, Catherine O' Malley, Heike Naumann, Arturo Alvarez-Buylla, and Sebastian Brandner


Application of mixed spin iMQCs for temperature and chemical-selective imaging, Elizabeth R. Jenista, Gigi Galiana, Rosa T. Branca, Pavel S. Yarmolenko, Ashley M. Stokes, Mark W. Dewhirst, and Warren S. Warren

Learning deficits after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats, H. Jeon, J. Ai, M. Sabri, A. Tariq, and R. L. Macdonald

Assessment Of Across-Muscle Coherence Using Multi-Unit Vs. Single-Unit Recordings, Jamie A. Johnston, Gabriele Formicone, Thomas M. Hamm, and Marco Santello

Disruption of mouse corneal epithelial differentiation by conditional inactivation of pnn., Jeong-Hoon Joo, Yong H Kim, Nicholas W Dunn, and Stephen P Sugrue

Pinin modulates expression of an intestinal homeobox gene, Cdx2, and plays an essential role for small intestinal morphogenesis, Jeong Hoon Joo, Timothy J. Taxter, Gustavo C. Munguba, Yong H. Kim, Kanthi Dhaduvai, Nicholas W. Dunn, William J. Degan, S. Paul Oh, and Stephen P. Sugrue

Biomechanics of a lumbar interspinous anchor with transforaminal lumbar interbody fixation, Taro Kaibara, Dean G. Karahalios, Randall W. Porter, Udaya K. Kakarla, Phillip M. Reyes, Seok Kwang Choi, Ali S. Yaqoobi, and Neil R. Crawford


Pharmacologically induced thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms in mice, Yasuhisa Kanematsu, Miyuki Kanematsu, Chie Kurihara, Tsung-Ling Tsou, Yoshitsugu Nuki, Elena I. Liang, Hiroshi Makino, and Tomoki Hashimoto

Biomechanics of a lumbar interspinous anchor with anterior lumbar interbody fusion, Dean G. Karahalios, Taro Kaibara, Randall W. Porter, Udaya K. Kakarla, Phillip M. Reyes, Ali A. Baaj, Ali S. Yaqoobi, and Neil R. Crawford

Sesamin attenuates behavioral, biochemical and histological alterations induced by reversible middle cerebral artery occlusion in the rats, Mohd Moshahid Khan, Tauheed Ishrat, Ajmal Ahmad, Md Nasrul Hoda, M. Badruzzaman Khan, Gulrana Khuwaja, Pallavi Srivastava, Syed Shadab Raza, Fakhrul Islam, and Saif Ahmad

TIS21/BTG2 negatively regulates estradiol-stimulated expansion of hematopoietic stem cells by derepressing akt phosphorylation and inhibiting mTOR signal transduction (Stem Cells (2008) 26 (2339)), Bong Cho Kim, Min Sook Ryu, S. Paul Oh, and In Kyoung Lim

The frequency, clinical significance, and pathological features of chronic chorioamnionitis: A lesion associated with spontaneous preterm birth, Chong Jai Kim, Roberto Romero, Juan Pedro Kusanovic, Wonsuk Yoo, Zhong Dong, Vanessa Topping, Francesca Gotsch, Bo Hyun Yoon, Je Geun Chi, and Jung Sun Kim

A phase I clinical trial of tiopronin, a putative neuroprotective agent, in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage, Grace H. Kim, Christopher P. Kellner, Zachary L. Hickman, Brad E. Zacharia, Robert M. Starke, Brian Y. Hwang, Andrew F. Ducruet, Luis Fernandez, Stephan A. Mayer, Kevin J. Tracey, and E Sander Connolly

Acute intraprocedural thrombus formation during wingspan intracranial stent placement for intracranial atherosclerotic disease, Matthew F. Lawson, Gregory L. Fautheree, Michael F. Waters, David A. Decker, J D. Mocco, and Brian L. Hoh

Biomechanics of a novel minimally invasive lumbar interspinous spacer: effects on kinematics, facet loads, and foramen height., Bruno C.R. Lazaro, Leonardo B.C. Brasiliense, Anna G.U. Sawa, Phillip M. Reyes, Nicholas Theodore, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Neil R. Crawford

Evidence for a spatial and temporal regulation of prostaglandin- endoperoxide synthase 2 expression in human amnion in term and preterm parturition, Deug Chan Lee, Roberto Romero, Jung Sun Kim, Wonsuk Yoo, Joon Ho Lee, Pooja Mittal, Juan Pedro Kusanovic, Sonia S. Hassan, Bo Hyun Yoon, and Chong Jai Kim

Growth differentiation factor 11 signaling controls retinoic acid activity for axial vertebral development, Young Jae Lee, Alexandra McPherron, Susan Choe, Yasuo Sakai, Roshantha A. Chandraratna, Se Jin Lee, and S. Paul Oh

A pilot trial of memantine and riluzole in ALS: Correlation to CSF biomarkers, Todd D. Levine, Robert Bowser, Nicole Hank, and David Saperstein

Biomechanical comparison of costotransverse process screw fixation and pedicle screw fixation of the upper thoracic spine., Andrew S. Little, Leonardo B.C. Brasiliense, Bruno C.R. Lazaro, Phillip M. Reyes, Curtis A. Dickman, and Neil R. Crawford

Carbonic anhydrase I is recognized by an SOD1 antibody upon biotinylation of human spinal cord extracts., Jian Liu, Armin Akhavan, Mengde Lu, Arie Gruzman, Vishwanath R. Lingappa, Jiyan An, and Robert Bowser

Carbonic anhydrase I is recognized by an SOD1 antibody upon biotinylation of human spinal cord extracts, Jian Liu, Armin Akhavan, Mengde Lu, Arie Gruzman, Vishwanath R. Lingappa, Jiyan An, and Robert Bowser


Chemistry And Pharmacological Characterization Of Novel Nitrogen Analogues Of Amop-H-Oh (Sazetidine-A 6-[5-(Azetidin-2-Ylmethoxy)Pyridin-3-Yl]Hex-5-Yn-1- Ol) As α4β2-Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor-Selective Partial Agonists, Jianhua Liu, J. Brek Eaton, Barbara Caldarone, Ronald J. Lukas, and Alan P. Kozikowski


Synthesis And Characterization Of In Vitro And In Vivo Profiles Of Hydroxybupropion Analogues: Aids To Smoking Cessation, Ronald J. Lukas, Ana Z. Muresan, M. Imad Damaj, Bruce E. Blough, Xiaodong Huang, Hernan A. Navarro, S. Wayne Mascarella, J. Brek Eaton, Syndia K. Marxer-Miller, and F. Ivy Carroll

Development of gene therapy for neurological disorders, Fredric P. Manfredsson and Ronald J. Mandel

Bupivacaine Causes Cytotoxicity In Mouse C2C12 Myoblast Cells: Involvement Of Erk And Akt Signaling Pathways, Joseph M. Maurice, Yan Gan, Fan Xin Ma, Yong Chang, Michael Hibner, and Yao Huang

Tnk1/Kos1: a novel tumor suppressor., William Stratford May, Kishalay Hoare, Sarasija Hoare, Mary K. Reinhard, Young J. Lee, and S. Paul Oh

The subventricular zone en-face: wholemount staining and ependymal flow, Zaman Mirzadeh, Fiona Doetsch, Kazunobu Sawamoto, Hynek Wichterle, and Arturo Alvarez-Buylla

Cilia organize ependymal planar polarity, Zaman Mirzadeh, Young-Goo Han, Mario Soriano-Navarro, Jose Manuel García-Verdugo, and Arturo Alvarez-Buylla

Generation of mice with a conditional and reporter allele for Tmem100, Eun Hye Moon, Mi Jung Kim, Keum Soun Ko, Yoo Sung Kim, Jiyoung Seo, S. Paul Oh, and Young Jae Lee


Inability of plasma and urine F2A-isoprostane levels to differentiate mild cognitive impairment from Alzheimer's disease, Elliott J. Mufson and Sue Leurgans


Preservation of cortical sortilin protein levels in MCI and Alzheimer's disease, Elliott J. Mufson, Joanne Wuu, Scott E. Counts, and Anders Nykjaer

Activation Of α7 Nicotinic Receptor Affects App Processing By Regulating Secretase Activity In Sh-Ep1-α7 Nachr-Happ695 Cells, Hui Zhen Nie, Sha Shi, Ronald J. Lukas, Wen Juan Zhao, Yong Ning Sun, and Ming Yin

Alteration in voltage-dependent calcium channels in dog basilar artery after subarachnoid hemorrhage: Laboratory investigation, Elena Nikitina, Ayako Kawashi, Masataka Takahashi, Zhen Du Zhang, Xueyuan Shang, Jinglu Ai, and R. Loch Macdonald

Staging of Alzheimer's pathology in triple transgenic mice: a light and electron microscopic analysis, Kwang-Jin Oh, Sylvia E. Perez, Sarita Lagalwar, Laurel Vana, Lester Binder, and Elliott J. Mufson


Cortical M1 receptor concentration increases without a concomitant change in function in Alzheimer's disease, Cassia R. Overk, Christian C. Felder, Yuan Tu, Doug A. Schober, Kelly R. Bales, Joanne Wuu, and Elliott J. Mufson


DHA diet reduces AD pathology in young APPswe/PS1ΔE9 transgenic mice: Possible gender effects, Sylvia E. Perez, Brian M. Berg, Kenneth A. Moore, Bin He, Scott E. Counts, Jason J. Fritz, Yuan Shih Hu, Orly Lazarov, James J. Lah, and Elliott J. Mufson

Force-Independent Distribution Of Correlated Neural Inputs To Hand Muscles During Three-Digit Grasping, Brach Poston, Alessander Danna Dos, Mark Jesunathadas, Thomas M. Hamm, and Marco Santello

p53 and Cell Cycle Proteins Participate in Spinal Motor Neuron Cell Death in ALS, Srikanth Ranganathan and Robert Bowser

Discovery and verification of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis biomarkers by proteomics, Henrik Ryberg, Jiyan An, Samuel Darko, Jonathan Llyle Lustgarten, Matt Jaffa, Vanathi Gopalakrishnan, David Lacomis, Merit Cudkowicz, and Robert Bowser

The craniocaudal extension of posterolateral approaches and their combination: a quantitative anatomic and clinical analysis., Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Jean G. de Oliveira, Pushpa Deshmukh, Cassius V. Reis, Leonardo B.C. Brasiliense, Neil R. Crawford, Iman Feiz-Erfan, Robert F. Spetzler, and Mark C. Preul

Profound cardioprotection with chloramphenicol succinate in the swine model of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury, Javier A. Sala-Mercado, Joseph Wider, Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Undyala, Salik Jahania, Wonsuk Yoo, Robert M. Mentzer, Roberta A. Gottlieb, and Karin Przyklenk

Outcome of patients with injection drug use-associated endocarditis admitted to an intensive care unit, Ghulam Saydain, Jatinder Singh, Bhavinkumar Dalal, Wonsuk Yoo, and Donald P. Levine

Identification of a complex between fibronectin and aggrecan G3 domain in synovial fluid of patients with painful meniscal pathology, Gaetano J. Scuderi, Naruewan Woolf, Kaitlyn Dent, S. Raymond Golish, Jason M. Cuellar, Vanessa G. Cuellar, David C. Yeomans, Eugene J. Carragee, Martin S. Angst, Robert Bowser, and Lewis S. Hanna

Feasible and accurate occipitoatlantal transarticular fixation: an anatomic study., Mehmet Senoglu, Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Nicholas Theodore, Neil R. Crawford, and Volker K.H. Sonntag

Morphologic evaluation of cervical and lumbar facet joints: intra-articular facet block considerations., Nimet Senoglu, Mehmet Senoglu, Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Steven A. Shedd, and Neil R. Crawford

Data presentation in rodent stroke studies and the predictive value of confidence intervals, Michael E. Sughrue, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Andrew F. Ducruet, Ricardo J. Komotar, J Mocco, Robert R. Sciacca, and E Sander Connolly

A Component Of Premarinâ® Enhances Multiple Cognitive Functions And Influences Nicotinic Receptor Expression, Joshua S. Talboom, Elizabeth B. Engler-Chiurazzi, Paul Whiteaker, Alain R. Simard, Ronald Lukas, Jazmin I. Acosta, Laszlo Prokai, and Heather A. Bimonte-Nelson

Loss of long-term potentiation in the hippocampus after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats, A. Tariq, J. Ai, G. Chen, M. Sabri, H. Jeon, X. Shang, and R. L. Macdonald

Characteristics And Organization Of Discharge Properties In Rat Hindlimb Motoneurons, Vladimir V. Turkin, Derek O'Neill, Ranu Jung, Alexandre Iarkov, and Thomas M. Hamm

Relationship of vitamin D and parathyroid hormone with obesity and body composition in African Americans, Anna Liza B. Valiña-Tóth, Zongshan Lai, Wonsuk Yoo, Abdul Abou-Samra, Crystal A. Gadegbeku, and John M. Flack

Sex, aging, and preexisting cerebral ischemic disease in patients with aortic stenosis., Ping Wang, Michael A Acker, Michel Bilello, Elias R Melhem, Elizabeth Stambrook, Sarah J Ratcliffe, and Thomas F Floyd