Submissions from 2010

Tnk1/Kos1: a novel tumor suppressor., William Stratford May, Kishalay Hoare, Sarasija Hoare, Mary K. Reinhard, Young J. Lee, and S. Paul Oh

The subventricular zone en-face: wholemount staining and ependymal flow, Zaman Mirzadeh, Fiona Doetsch, Kazunobu Sawamoto, Hynek Wichterle, and Arturo Alvarez-Buylla

Cilia organize ependymal planar polarity, Zaman Mirzadeh, Young-Goo Han, Mario Soriano-Navarro, Jose Manuel García-Verdugo, and Arturo Alvarez-Buylla

Generation of mice with a conditional and reporter allele for Tmem100, Eun Hye Moon, Mi Jung Kim, Keum Soun Ko, Yoo Sung Kim, Jiyoung Seo, S. Paul Oh, and Young Jae Lee


Inability of plasma and urine F2A-isoprostane levels to differentiate mild cognitive impairment from Alzheimer's disease, Elliott J. Mufson and Sue Leurgans


Preservation of cortical sortilin protein levels in MCI and Alzheimer's disease, Elliott J. Mufson, Joanne Wuu, Scott E. Counts, and Anders Nykjaer

Activation Of α7 Nicotinic Receptor Affects App Processing By Regulating Secretase Activity In Sh-Ep1-α7 Nachr-Happ695 Cells, Hui Zhen Nie, Sha Shi, Ronald J. Lukas, Wen Juan Zhao, Yong Ning Sun, and Ming Yin

Alteration in voltage-dependent calcium channels in dog basilar artery after subarachnoid hemorrhage: Laboratory investigation, Elena Nikitina, Ayako Kawashi, Masataka Takahashi, Zhen Du Zhang, Xueyuan Shang, Jinglu Ai, and R. Loch Macdonald

Staging of Alzheimer's pathology in triple transgenic mice: a light and electron microscopic analysis, Kwang-Jin Oh, Sylvia E. Perez, Sarita Lagalwar, Laurel Vana, Lester Binder, and Elliott J. Mufson


Cortical M1 receptor concentration increases without a concomitant change in function in Alzheimer's disease, Cassia R. Overk, Christian C. Felder, Yuan Tu, Doug A. Schober, Kelly R. Bales, Joanne Wuu, and Elliott J. Mufson


DHA diet reduces AD pathology in young APPswe/PS1ΔE9 transgenic mice: Possible gender effects, Sylvia E. Perez, Brian M. Berg, Kenneth A. Moore, Bin He, Scott E. Counts, Jason J. Fritz, Yuan Shih Hu, Orly Lazarov, James J. Lah, and Elliott J. Mufson

Force-Independent Distribution Of Correlated Neural Inputs To Hand Muscles During Three-Digit Grasping, Brach Poston, Alessander Danna Dos, Mark Jesunathadas, Thomas M. Hamm, and Marco Santello

p53 and Cell Cycle Proteins Participate in Spinal Motor Neuron Cell Death in ALS, Srikanth Ranganathan and Robert Bowser

Discovery and verification of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis biomarkers by proteomics, Henrik Ryberg, Jiyan An, Samuel Darko, Jonathan Llyle Lustgarten, Matt Jaffa, Vanathi Gopalakrishnan, David Lacomis, Merit Cudkowicz, and Robert Bowser

The craniocaudal extension of posterolateral approaches and their combination: a quantitative anatomic and clinical analysis., Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Jean G. de Oliveira, Pushpa Deshmukh, Cassius V. Reis, Leonardo B.C. Brasiliense, Neil R. Crawford, Iman Feiz-Erfan, Robert F. Spetzler, and Mark C. Preul

Profound cardioprotection with chloramphenicol succinate in the swine model of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury, Javier A. Sala-Mercado, Joseph Wider, Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Undyala, Salik Jahania, Wonsuk Yoo, Robert M. Mentzer, Roberta A. Gottlieb, and Karin Przyklenk

Outcome of patients with injection drug use-associated endocarditis admitted to an intensive care unit, Ghulam Saydain, Jatinder Singh, Bhavinkumar Dalal, Wonsuk Yoo, and Donald P. Levine

Identification of a complex between fibronectin and aggrecan G3 domain in synovial fluid of patients with painful meniscal pathology, Gaetano J. Scuderi, Naruewan Woolf, Kaitlyn Dent, S. Raymond Golish, Jason M. Cuellar, Vanessa G. Cuellar, David C. Yeomans, Eugene J. Carragee, Martin S. Angst, Robert Bowser, and Lewis S. Hanna

Feasible and accurate occipitoatlantal transarticular fixation: an anatomic study., Mehmet Senoglu, Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Nicholas Theodore, Neil R. Crawford, and Volker K.H. Sonntag

Morphologic evaluation of cervical and lumbar facet joints: intra-articular facet block considerations., Nimet Senoglu, Mehmet Senoglu, Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Steven A. Shedd, and Neil R. Crawford

Data presentation in rodent stroke studies and the predictive value of confidence intervals, Michael E. Sughrue, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Andrew F. Ducruet, Ricardo J. Komotar, J Mocco, Robert R. Sciacca, and E Sander Connolly

A Component Of Premarinâ® Enhances Multiple Cognitive Functions And Influences Nicotinic Receptor Expression, Joshua S. Talboom, Elizabeth B. Engler-Chiurazzi, Paul Whiteaker, Alain R. Simard, Ronald Lukas, Jazmin I. Acosta, Laszlo Prokai, and Heather A. Bimonte-Nelson

Loss of long-term potentiation in the hippocampus after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats, A. Tariq, J. Ai, G. Chen, M. Sabri, H. Jeon, X. Shang, and R. L. Macdonald

Characteristics And Organization Of Discharge Properties In Rat Hindlimb Motoneurons, Vladimir V. Turkin, Derek O'Neill, Ranu Jung, Alexandre Iarkov, and Thomas M. Hamm

Relationship of vitamin D and parathyroid hormone with obesity and body composition in African Americans, Anna Liza B. Valiña-Tóth, Zongshan Lai, Wonsuk Yoo, Abdul Abou-Samra, Crystal A. Gadegbeku, and John M. Flack

Sex, aging, and preexisting cerebral ischemic disease in patients with aortic stenosis., Ping Wang, Michael A Acker, Michel Bilello, Elias R Melhem, Elizabeth Stambrook, Sarah J Ratcliffe, and Thomas F Floyd


Spectral imaging reveals microvessel physiology and function from anastomoses to thromboses, Mamta Wankhede, Nikita Agarwal, Rodrigo A. Fraga-Silva, Casey Dedeugd, Mohan K. Raizada, S. Paul Oh, and Brian S. Sorg

Cystatin C: A Candidate Biomarker for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Meghan E. Wilson, Imene Boumaza, David Lacomis, and Robert Bowser

Tetrahydroberberine Blocks Atp-Sensitive Potassium Channels In Dopamine Neurons Acutely-Dissociated From Rat Substantia Nigra Pars Compacta, Chen Wu, Kechun Yang, Qiang Liu, Matoko Wakui, Guo zhang Jin, Xuechu Zhen, and Jie Wu

Double Target Concept For Smoking Cessation, Jie Wu

Epidemiology of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage, Brad E. Zacharia, Zachary L. Hickman, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Peter DeRosa, Ivan Kotchetkov, Andrew F. Ducruet, and E Sander Connolly

Dopamine D2-Receptor Activation Elicits Akinesia Rigidity Catalepsy And Tremor In Mice Expressing Hypersensitive α4 Nicotinic Receptors Via A Cholinergic-Dependent Mechanism, Rubing Zhao-Shea, Bruce N. Cohen, Herwig Just, Tristan McClure-Begley, Paul Whiteaker, Sharon R. Grady, Outi Salminen, Paul D. Gardner, Henry A. Lester, and Andrew R. Tapper

The Anticonvulsive Drug Lamotrigine Blocks Neuronal α4β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors, Chao Zheng, Kechun Yang, Qiang Liu, Meng Ya Wang, Jianxin Shen, A. Sofía Vallés, Ronald J. Lukas, Francisco J. Barrantes, and Jie Wu

Transgenic rat model of neurodegeneration caused by mutation in the TDP gene, Hongxia Zhou, Cao Huang, Han Chen, Dian Wang, Carlisle P. Landel, Pedro Yuxing Xia, Robert Bowser, Yong Jian Liu, and Xu Gang Xia

Submissions from 2009

Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis Of Carbachol Induced Hippocampal Oscillations In Mice, Metin Akay, Kui Wang, Yasemin M. Akay, Andrei Dragomir, and Jie Wu

History of cervical disc arthroplasty, Ali A. Baaj, Juans Uribe, Fernando L. Vale, Mark C. Preul, and Neil R. Crawford

PICK1-mediated GluR2 endocytosis contributes to cellular injury after neuronal trauma, J. D. Bell, E. Park, J. Ai, and A. J. Baker

ALSUntangled update 1: investigating a bug (Lyme Disease) and a drug (Iplex) on behalf of people with ALS., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

ALSUntangled Update 2: investigating the Hickey Wellness Center., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

Applying proteomics to the diagnosis and treatment of ALS and related diseases, Robert Bowser and David Lacomis

Adenine nucleotide translocase 4 deficiency leads to early meiotic arrest of murine male germ cells, Jeffrey V. Brower, Ho Lim Chae, Marda Jorgensen, S. Paul Oh, and Naohiro Terada


Increased matrix metalloproteinase 9 activity in mild cognitive impairment, Martin A. Bruno, Elliott J. Mufson, Joanne Wuu, and A. Claudio Cuello

Homeostasis of brain dynamics in epilepsy: a feedback control systems perspective of seizures, Niranjan Chakravarthy, Kostas Tsakalis, Shivkumar Sabesan, and Leon Iasemidis

Allosteric Activation Mechanism Of The Cys-Loop Receptors, Yong Chang, Wen Wu, Jian Liang Zhang, and Yao Huang

Effects of recombinant human erythropoietin (rhEPO) on JAK2/STAT3 pathway and endothelial apoptosis in the rabbit basilar artery after subarachnoid hemorrhage, Gang Chen, Shiming Zhang, Jixin Shi, Jinglu Ai, and Chunhua Hang

Simvastatin reduces secondary brain injury caused by cortical contusion in rats: Possible involvement of TLR4/NF-κB pathway, Gang Chen, Shiming Zhang, Jixin Shi, Jinglu Ai, Meng Qi, and Chunhua Hang


Neural transplants in patients with Huntington's disease undergo disease-like neuronal degeneration, F. Cicchetti, S. Saporta, R. A. Hauser, M. Parent, M. Saint-Pierre, P. R. Sanberg, X. J. Li, J. R. Parker, Y. Chu, E. J. Mufson, J. H. Kordower, and T. B. Freeman

Tobacco and estrogen metabolic polymorphisms and risk of non-small cell lung cancer in women, Michele L. Cote, Wonsuk Yoo, Angela S. Wenzlaff, Geoffrey M. Prysak, Susan K. Santer, Gina B. Claeys, Alison L. Van Dyke, Susan J. Land, and Ann G. Schwartz

Galanin fiber hyperinnervation preserves neuroprotective gene expression in cholinergic basal forebrain neurons in Alzheimer's disease, Scott E. Counts, Bin He, Shaoli Che, Stephen D. Ginsberg, and Elliott J. Mufson


The RelA/p65 subunit of NF-κB specifically regulates cyclin D1 protein stability: Implications for cell cycle withdrawal and skeletal myogenesis, Jason M. Dahlman, Jingxin Wang, Nadine Bakkar, and Denis C. Guttridge

Radiographic and pathologic findings in an atypical brainstem variant of reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome, David A. Decker, Adam D. Falchook, Anthony T. Yachnis, and Michael F. Waters

Pharmacotherapy of cerebral ischemia, Andrew F. Ducruet, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Brad E. Zacharia, Zachary L. Hickman, Mason L. Yeh, and E Sander Connolly


Endovascular occlusion of a ruptured transitional aneurysm associated with a developmental venous anomaly, Andrew F. Ducruet, Christopher P. Kellner, E. Sander Connolly, and Philip M. Meyers

The complement cascade as a therapeutic target in intracerebral hemorrhage, Andrew F. Ducruet, Brad E. Zacharia, Zachary L. Hickman, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Mason L. Yeh, Sergey A. Sosunov, and E Sander Connolly

Optimisation and data mining techniques for the screening of epileptic patients, Ya-Ju Fan, Wanpracha A. Chaovalitwongse, Chang-Chia Liu, Rajesh C. Sachdeo, Leonidas Iasemidis, and Panos Pardalos


Impaired terminal differentiation of hippocampal granule neurons and defective contextual memory in PC3/Tis21 knockout mice, Stefano Farioli-Vecchioli, Daniele Saraulli, Marco Costanzi, Luca Leonardi, Irene Cinà, Laura Micheli, Michele Nutini, Patrizia Longone, S. Paul Oh, Vincenzo Cestari, and Felice Tirone

Evidence for angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 as a therapeutic target for the prevention of pulmonary hypertension, Anderson J. Ferreira, Vinayak Shenoy, Yoriko Yamazato, Srinivas Sriramula, Joseph Francis, Lihui Yuan, Ronald K. Castellano, David A. Ostrov, Suk Paul Oh, Michael J. Katovich, and Mohan K. Raizada

Preoperative antiepileptic drug administration and the incidence of postoperative seizures following bur hole-treated chronic subdural hematoma, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Andrew F. Ducruet, Brad E. Zacharia, Zachary L. Hickman, Kristen N. Andersen, Eric Sussman, Austin Carpenter, and E Sander Connolly

Neuronal RAGE expression modulates severity of injury following transient focal cerebral ischemia, Benjamin G. Hassid, M Nathan Nair, Andrew F. Ducruet, Marc L. Otten, Ricardo J. Komotar, David J. Pinsky, Ann Marie Schmidt, Shi Fang Yan, and E Sander Connolly

Decreased mRNA expression of tight junction proteins in lumbar spinal cords of patients with ALS, J. S. Henkel, D. R. Beers, S. Wen, R. Bowser, and S. H. Appel

A Novel Fluorescent α-Conotoxin For The Study Of α7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors, Arik J. Hone, Paul Whiteaker, Sean Christensen, Yingxian Xiao, Erin L. Meyer, and J. Michael McIntosh

Biomechanics of C-7 transfacet screw fixation: Laboratory investigation, Eric M. Horn, Phillip M. Reyes, Seungwon Baek, Mehmet Senoglu, Nicholas Theodore, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Neil R. Crawford


Cortical α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and β-amyloid levels in early Alzheimer disease, Milos D. Ikonomovic, Lynn Wecker, Eric E. Abrahamson, Joanne Wuu, Scott E. Counts, Stephen D. Ginsberg, Elliott J. Mufson, and Steven T. DeKosky


Optimized, unequal pulse spacing in multiple echo sequences improves refocusing in magnetic resonance, Elizabeth R. Jenista, Ashley M. Stokes, Rosa Tamara Branca, and Warren S. Warren

Neurological and neurobehavioral assessment of experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage, Hyojin Jeon, Jinglu Ai, Mohamed Sabri, Asma Tariq, Xueyuan Shang, Gang Chen, and R. Loch Macdonald

Altered subcellular distribution of c-Abl in alzheimer's disease, Zheng Jing, John Caltagarone, and Robert Bowser

Mechanism-based clustering of genome-wide RNA levels: Roles of transcription and transcript-degradation rates, Sungchul Ji, W. Art Chaovalitwongse, Nina Fefferman, Wonsuk Yoo, and Jose E. Perez-Ortin

Boosting enrollment in neurology trials with Local Identification and Outreach Networks (LIONs)., W N Kernan, C M Viscoli, D Demarco, B Mendes, K Shrauger, J L Schindler, J C McVeety, A Sicklick, D Moalli, P Greco, D M Bravata, S Eisen, L Resor, K Sena, D Story, L M Brass, K L Furie, L Gutmann, E Hinnau, M Gorman, A M Lovejoy, S E Inzucchi, L H Young, and R I Horwitz

Widespread microbial invasion of the chorioamniotic membranes is a consequence and not a cause of intra-amniotic infection, Mi Jeong Kim, Roberto Romero, Maria Teresa Gervasi, Jung Sun Kim, Wonsuk Yoo, Deug Chan Lee, Pooja Mittal, Offer Erez, Juan Pedro Kusanovic, Sonia S. Hassan, and Chong Jai Kim

The complement cascade: new avenues in stroke therapy, Ricardo J. Komotar, Robert M. Starke, Eric J. Arias, Matthew C. Garrett, Marc L. Otten, Maxwell B. Merkow, Benjamin Hassid, J Mocco, Michael E. Sughrue, Grace H. Kim, William J. Mack, Andrew F. Ducruet, and E Sander Connolly

Requirement Of Aqp4 For Antidepressive Efficiency Of Fluoxetine: Implication In Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis, Hui Kong, Luo Lin Sha, Yi Fan, Ming Xiao, Jian Hua Ding, Jie Wu, and Gang Hu

Chemistry And Pharmacology Of Nicotinic Ligands Based On 6-[5-(Azetidin-2-Ylmethoxy)Pyridin-3-Yl]Hex-5-Yn-1-Ol (Amop-H-Oh) For Possible Use In Depression, Alan P. Kozikowski, J. Brek Eaton, Krishna Mohan Bajjuri, Sheela K. Chellappan, Yihua Chen, Sudhakar Karadi, Rong He, Barbara Caldarone, Michael Manzano, Po Wai Yuen, and Ronald J. Lukas

Subventricular Zone Neural Progenitors From Rapid Brain Autopsies Of Elderly Subjects With And Without Neurodegenerative Disease, Brian W. Leonard, Diego Mastroeni, Andrew Grover, Qiang Liu, Kechun Yang, Ming Gao, Jie Wu, David Pootrakul, Simone A. van, Elly M. Hol, and Joseph Rogers

Anatomical and biomechanical analyses of the unique and consistent locations of sacral insufficiency fractures, Nathan J. Linstrom, Joseph E. Heiserman, Keith E. Kortman, Neil R. Crawford, Seungwon Baek, Russell L. Anderson, Alan M. Pitt, John P. Karis, Jeff S. Ross, Gregory P. Lekovic, and Bruce L. Dean

A Novel Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subtype In Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Neurons With High Sensitivity To Amyloid Peptides, Qiang Liu, Yao Huang, Fenqin Xue, Alain Simard, Jamie DeChon, Guohui Li, Jianliang Zhang, Linda Lucero, Min Wang, Michael Sierks, Gang Hu, Yongchang Chang, Ronald J. Lukas, and Jie Wu

Knowledge-based variable selection for learning rules from proteomic data, Jonathan L. Lustgarten, Shyam Visweswaran, Robert P. Bowser, William R. Hogan, and Vanathi Gopalakrishnan

Intraoperative magnesium infusion during carotid endarterectomy: a double-blind placebo-controlled trial, William J. Mack, Christopher P. Kellner, Daniel H. Sahlein, Andrew F. Ducruet, Grace H. Kim, J Mocco, Joseph Zurica, Ricardo J. Komotar, Raqeeb Haque, Robert Sciacca, Donald O. Quest, Robert A. Solomon, E Sander Connolly, and Eric J. Heyer


Tight long-term dynamic doxycycline responsive nigrostriatal GDNF using a single rAAV vector, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Corinna Burger, Aaron C. Rising, Kheir Zuobi-Hasona, Layla F. Sullivan, Alfred S. Lewin, Julia Huang, Emily Piercefield, Nicholas Muzyczka, and Ronald J. Mandel


Gene therapy for neurological disorders: Challenges and future prospects for the use of growth factors for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Michael S. Okun, and Ronald J. Mandel


AAV9: A potential blood-brain barrier buster, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Aaron C. Rising, and Ronald J. Mandel


Nigrostriatal rAAV-mediated GDNF overexpression induces robust weight loss in a rat model of age-related obesity, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Nihal Tumer, Benedek Erdos, Tessa Landa, Christopher S. Broxson, Layla F. Sullivan, Aaron C. Rising, Kevin D. Foust, Yi Zhang, Nicholas Muzyczka, Oleg S. Gorbatyuk, Philip J. Scarpace, and Ronald J. Mandel

Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor α7 Subunits With A C2 Cytoplasmic Loop Yellow Fluorescent Protein Insertion Form Functional Receptors, Teresa A. Murray, Qiang Liu, Paul Whiteaker, Jie Wu, and Ronald J. Lukas

An investigation of EEG dynamics in an animal model of temporal lobe epilepsy using the maximum Lyapunov exponent, Sandeep P. Nair, Deng-Shan Shiau, Jose C. Principe, Leonidas D. Iasemidis, Panos M. Pardalos, Wendy M. Norman, Paul R. Carney, Kevin M. Kelly, and J Chris Sackellares


Roles of macrophages in flow-induced outward vascular remodeling, Yoshitsugu Nuki, Melissa M. Matsumoto, Eric Tsang, William L. Young, Nico van Rooijen, Chie Kurihara, and Tomoki Hashimoto


Elastase-induced intracranial aneurysms in hypertensive mice, Yoshitsugu Nuki, Tsung Ling Tsou, Chie Kurihara, Miyuki Kanematsu, Yasuhisa Kanematsu, and Tomoki Hashimoto


Roles of matrix metalloproteinases in flow-induced outward vascular remodeling, Ryo Ota, Chie Kurihara, Tsung-Ling Tsou, William L. Young, Yerem Yeghiazarians, Mayland Chang, Shahriar Mobashery, Atsuhiro Sakamoto, and Tomoki Hashimoto


Brainstem Alzheimer's-like pathology in the triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease, Cassia R. Overk, Christy M. Kelley, and Elliott J. Mufson


Striatal readministration of rAAV vectors reveals an immune response against AAV2 capsids that can be circumvented, Carmen S. Peden, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Sharon K. Reimsnider, Amy E. Poirier, Corinna Burger, Nicholas Muzyczka, and Ronald J. Mandel


Decreased brain-derived neurotrophic factor depends on amyloid aggregation state in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease, Shiyong Peng, Diego J. Garzon, Monica Marchese, William Klein, Stephen D. Ginsberg, Beverly M. Francis, Howard T.J. Mount, Elliott J. Mufson, Ahmad Salehi, and Margaret Fahnestock


β-amyloid deposition and functional impairment in the retina of the APPswe/PS1ΔE9 transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease, Sylvia E. Perez, Stephen Lumayag, Beatrix Kovacs, Elliott J. Mufson, and Shunbin Xu

Nicotine And Inflammatory Neurological Disorders, Wen Hua Piao, Denise Campagnolo, Carlos Dayao, Ronald J. Lukas, Jie Wu, and Fu Dong Shi


The Arp2/3 complex and WASp are required for apical trafficking of Delta into microvilli during cell fate specification of sensory organ precursors, Akhila Rajan, An Chi Tien, Claire M. Haueter, Karen L. Schulze, and Hugo J. Bellen

Atlantoaxial rotatory subluxation with ligamentous disruption: A blomechanical comparison of current fusion methods, Rogério Rocha, Anna G.U. Sawa, Seungwon Baek, Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Fadimatou Hattendorf, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Neil R. Crawford

C3a receptor antagonist attenuates brain injury after intracerebral hemorrhage, Michal A. Rynkowski, Grace H. Kim, Matthew C. Garrett, Brad E. Zacharia, Marc L. Otten, Sergei A. Sosunov, Ricardo J. Komotar, Benjamin G. Hassid, Andrew F. Ducruet, John D. Lambris, and E Sander Connolly

Measuring resetting of brain dynamics at epileptic seizures: application of global optimization and spatial synchronization techniques, Shivkumar Sabesan, Niranjan Chakravarthy, Kostas Tsakalis, Panos Pardalos, and Leon Iasemidis

Anterior circulation mouse model of subarachnoid hemorrhage, Mohammed Sabri, Hyojin Jeon, Jinglu Ai, Asma Tariq, Xueyuan Shang, Gang Chen, and R. Loch Macdonald

Hydrogen Peroxide Mobilizes Ca2+ Through Two Distinct Mechanisms In Rat Hepatocytes, Hirohiko Sato, Teruko Takeo, Qiang Liu, Kyoko Nakano, Tomohiro Osanai, Sechiko Suga, Makoto Wakui, and Jie Wu


Advances in the application of technology to epilepsy: The CIMIT/NIO epilepsy innovation summit, Steven C. Schachter, John Guttag, John Guttag, Steven J. Schiff, Donald L. Schomer, Donald L. Schomer, Massoud Akhtari, Eric M. Bailey, Shirn L. Baptiste, Gregory L. Barkley, John M. Beggs, Renée Béland, Walter Besio, Devin K. Binder, Paolo Bonato, Edward Bromfield, Peter Brunner, Chad Carlson, Sydney S. Cash, Andrew J. Cole, Olivier Commowick, Orrin Devinsky, Werner K. Doyle, Ross Dunseath, Jerome J. Engel, Emad Eskandar, Felipe Fregni, Mark G. Frei, Jacqueline French, Karen Gale, Anne Gallagher, and Nina Graves

A new stand-alone cervical anterior interbody fusion device: Biomechanical comparison with established anterior cervical fixation devices, Matti Scholz, Phillip M. Reyes, Philipp Schleicher, Anna G.U. Sawa, Seungwon Baek, Frank Kandziora, Frederick F. Marciano, and Neil R. Crawford

Nicotinic Attenuation Of Central Nervous System Inflammation And Autoimmunity, Fu Dong Shi, Wen Hua Piao, Yen Ping Kuo, Denise I. Campagnolo, Timothy L. Vollmer, and Ronald J. Lukas