Submissions from 2018

Activation of JAK/STAT3 Restores NK-Cell Function and Improves Immune Defense After Brain Ischemia, Wei Na Jin, Andrew F. Ducruet, Qiang Liu, Samuel Xiang Yu Shi, Michael F. Waters, Ming Zou, Kevin N. Sheth, Rayna Gonzales, and Fu-Dong Shi

Engineered Agrin Attenuates the Severity of Experimental Autoimmune Myasthenia Gravis, Zhiguo Li, Minshu Li, Kristofer Wood, Steffan Hettwer, Suraj Ashok Muley, Fu-Dong Shi, Qiang Liu, and Shafeeq S. Ladha

Fingolimod Enhances the Efficacy of Delayed Alteplase Administration in Acute Ischemic Stroke by Promoting Anterograde Reperfusion and Retrograde Collateral Flow, De Cai Tian, Kaibin Shi, Zilong Zhu, Jia Yao, Xiaoxia Yang, Lei Su, Sheng Zhang, Meixia Zhang, Rayna J. Gonzales, Qiang Liu, De Ren Huang, Michael F. Waters, Kevin N. Sheth, Andrew F. Ducruet, Ying Fu, Min Lou, and Fu-Dong Shi

Submissions from 2017

Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor: two Case Reports and an Analysis of Adult Cases With Implications for Pathophysiology and Treatment, Christopher Dardis, Jared Yeo, Kelly Milton, Lynn S. Ashby, Kris A. Smith, Shwetal Mehta, Emad Youssef, Jenny Eschbacher, Kathy Tucker, Laughlin Dawes, Neil Lambie, Elizabeth Algar, and Elizabeth Hovey

Poly(GP) Proteins Are a Useful Pharmacodynamic Marker for C9ORF72-Associated Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Tania F. Gendron, Jeannie Chew, Jeannette N. Stankowski, Lindsey R. Hayes, Yong Jie Zhang, Mercedes Prudencio, Yari Carlomagno, Lillian M. Daughrity, Karen Jansen-West, Emilie A. Perkerson, Aliesha O'Raw, Casey Cook, Luc Pregent, Veronique Belzil, Marka Van Blitterswijk, Lilia J. Tabassian, Chris W. Lee, Mei Yue, Shafeeq S. Ladha, and et al.

Hippocampal Synaptic and Neural Network Deficits in Young Mice Carrying the Human APOE4 Gene, Guo Zhu Sun, Yong Chang He, Xiao Kuang Ma, Shuang Tao Li, De Jie Chen, Ming Gao, Shen Feng Qiu, Jun Xiang Yin, Jiong Shi, and Jie Wu

Submissions from 2016

Autoantibody to MOG Suggests two Distinct Clinical Subtypes of Nmosd, Yaping Yan, Yujing Li, Ying Fu, Li Yang, Lei Su, Kaibin Shi, Minshu Li, Qiang Liu, Aimee Borazanci, Yaou Liu, Yong He, Jeffrey L. Bennett, Timothy L. Vollmer, and Fu-Dong Shi

Ketones Block Amyloid Entry and Improve Cognition in an Alzheimer's Model, Jun Xiang Yin, Marwan Maalouf, Pengcheng Han, Minglei Zhao, Ming Gao, Turner Dharshaun, Christopher Ryan, Julian Whitelegge, Jie Wu, David Eisenberg, Eric M. Reiman, Felix E. Schweizer, and Jiong Shi

Augmentation of Circulating Follicular Helper T Cells and Their Impact on Autoreactive B Cells in Myasthenia Gravis, Cun Jin Zhang, Ye Gong, Wenli Zhu, Yuan Qi, Chun Sheng Yang, Ying Fu, Guoqiang Chang, Yujing Li, Samuel Shi, Kristofer Wood, Shafeeq S. Ladha, Fu-Dong Shi, Qiang Liu, and Yaping Yan

Submissions from 2015

Association of Circulating Follicular Helper T Cells With Disease Course of NMO Spectrum Disorders, Yu Jing Li, Fang Zhang, Yuan Qi, Guo Qiang Chang, Ying Fu, Lei Su, Yi Shen, Na Sun, Aimee Borazanci, Chunsheng Yang, Fu-Dong Shi, and Yaping Yan

Submissions from 2014

Interleukin-10 Producing-B Cells and Their Association With Responsiveness to Rituximab in Myasthenia Gravis, Feng Sun, Shafeeq S. Ladha, Li Yang, Qiang Liu, Samuel Xiang Yu, Ning Su, and Roberto Bomprezzi

Interleukin-7 Expression and its Effect on Natural Killer Cells in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis, Ning Su, Samuel X. Shi, Xiaodong Zhu, Aimee Borazanci, Fu-Dong Shi, and Yan Gan

Cx3Cr1 Deficiency Suppresses Activation and Neurotoxicity of Microglia/Macrophage in Experimental Ischemic Stroke, Zhiwei Tang, Yan Gan, Qiang Liu, Jun Xiang Yin, Qingwei Liu, Jiong Shi, and Fu-Dong Shi

Pertussis Toxin Modulates Microglia and T Cell Profile to Protect Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis, Jun Xiang Yin, Zhiwei Tang, Yan Gan, Lejun Li, Fu-Dong Shi, Stephen Coons, and Jiong Shi

Submissions from 2013

Mechanisms Models and Biomarkers in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Martin R. Turner, Robert Bowser, Lucie Bruijn, Luc Dupuis, Albert Ludolph, Michael McGrath, Giovanni Manfredi, Nicholas Maragakis, Robert G. Miller, Seth L. Pullman, Seward B. Rutkove, Pamela J. Shaw, Jeremy M. Shefner, and Kenneth H. Fischbeck

Submissions from 2011

Biomarkers in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Opportunities and Limitations, Robert Bowser, Martin R. Turner, and Jeremy M. Shefner

Submissions from 2008

A New EAE Model of Brain Demyelination Induced by Intracerebroventricular Pertussis Toxin, C. B. Zhao, S. W. Coons, M. Cui, Fu-Dong Shi, T. L. Vollmer, C. Y. Ma, S. M. Kuniyoshi, and Jiong Shi