Barrow Neurological Institute is comprised of multiple subspecialty areas. We see outpatients with neurological symptoms, and also have a busy inpatient service taking care of patients with the wide range of neurological illnesses.

Our mission is to provide excellent patient care, train the next generation of neurologists including medical students, neurology residents, and subspecialty fellows, and to perform cutting edge research that will improve the lives of our patients.


Submissions from 2017

Biomechanics of Cervical "skip" Corpectomy Versus Standard Multilevel Corpectomy, Murat Yilmaz, Kasim Zafer Yüksel, Seungwon Baek, Anna G.U.S. Newcomb, Sedat Dalbayrak, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Neil R. Crawford

Recent trends in racial and regional disparities in cervical cancer incidence and mortality in United States, Wonsuk Yoo, Sangmi Kim, Warner K. Huh, Sarah Dilley, Steven S. Coughlin, Edward E. Partridge, Yunmi Chung, Vivian Dicks, Jae Kwan Lee, and Sejong Bae

Expression Of Functional Cannabinoid Cb2 Receptor In Vta Dopamine Neurons In Rats, Hai Ying Zhang, Ming Gao, Hui Shen, Guo Hua Bi, Hong Ju Yang, Qing Rong Liu, Jie Wu, Eliot L. Gardner, Antonello Bonci, and Zheng Xiong Xi

Microrna-132 Attenuates Neurobehavioral And Neuropathological Changes Associated With Intracerebral Hemorrhage In Mice, Yaowen Zhang, Bin Han, Yating He, Daojing Li, Xiaofeng Ma, Qiang Liu, and Junwei Hao


Asparagine endopeptidase cleaves α-synuclein and mediates pathologic activities in Parkinson's disease, Zhentao Zhang, Seong Su Kang, Xia Liu, Eun Hee Ahn, Zhaohui Zhang, Li He, P. Michael Iuvone, Duc M. Duong, Nicholas T. Seyfried, Matthew J. Benskey, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Lingjing Jin, Yi E. Sun, Jian Zhi Wang, and Keqiang Ye

Neuroprotective Effects Of Fingolimod In Mouse Models Of Parkinson'S Disease, Peng Zhao, Xiaoxia Yang, Liu Yang, Minshu Li, Kristofer Wood, Qiang Liu, and Xiaodong Zhu


Tissue Plasminogen Activator Mediates Deleterious Complement Cascade Activation in Stroke, Xue Jun Zhao, Timothy M. Larkin, Molly A. Lauver, Saif Ahmad, and Andrew F. Ducruet

A Sequentially Priming Phosphorylation Cascade Activates the Gliomagenic Transcription Factor Olig2, Jing Zhou, An-Chi Tien, John A. Alberta, Scott B. Ficarro, Amelie Griveau, Yu Sun, Janhavee S. Deshpande, Joseph D. Card, Meghan Morgan-Smith, Wojciech Michowski, Rintaro Hashizume, C David James, Keith L. Ligon, William D. Snider, Peter Sicinski, Jarrod A. Marto, David H. Rowitch, and Charles D. Stiles

Submissions from 2016


MR Imaging Biomarkers in Oncology Clinical Trials, Richard G. Abramson, Lori R. Arlinghaus, Adrienne N. Dula, C. Chad Quarles, Ashley M. Stokes, Jared A. Weis, Jennifer G. Whisenant, Eduard Y. Chekmenev, Igor Zhukov, Jason M. Williams, and Thomas E. Yankeelov

Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in spinal muscular atrophy, Saif Ahmad, Kanchan Bhatia, Aannapoorna Kannan, and Laxman Gangwani

Anti-inflammatory role of sesamin in STZ induced mice model of diabetic retinopathy, Saif Ahmad, Nehal M. ElSherbiny, Mohammad Sarwar Jamal, Faisal A. Alzahrani, Rizwanul Haque, Raziuddin Khan, Syed Kashif Zaidi, Mohammed H. AlQahtani, Gregory I. Liou, and Kanchan Bhatia

Middle meningeal arteriovenous fistulas: A rare and potentially high-risk dural arteriovenous fistula, Rami O. Almefty, M Yashar Kalani, Andrew F. Ducruet, R Webster Crowley, Cameron G. McDougall, and Felipe C. Albuquerque


Important cellular targets for antimicrobial photodynamic therapy, Mariam M. Awad, Artak Tovmasyan, James D. Craik, Ines Batinic-Haberle, and Ludmil T. Benov

Opinion on Schmidt et al, Ines Batinic-Haberle, Artak Tovmasyan, and Ivan Spasojevic

Thoracoscopic Ablation With Appendage Ligation Versus Medical Therapy for Stroke Prevention: A Proof-of-Concept Randomized Trial, Thomas M. Beaver, Vishnumurthy Shushrutha Hedna, Anna Y. Khanna, William M. Miles, Catherine C. Price, Ilona M. Schmalfuss, Seyed Hossein Aalaei-Andabili, and Michael F. Waters


Evidence for mitochondrial UPR gene activation in familial and sporadic alzheimer’s disease, John S. Beck, Elliott J. Mufson, and Scott E. Counts


ALSUntangled No. 34: GM604, Richard Bedlack, Colin Quinn, Chafic Karam, Alex Sherman, Lyle Ostrow, Orla Hardiman, Terry Heiman-Patterson, Laurie Gutmann, Mark Bromberg, Gregory Carter, Edor Kabashi, Tulio Bertorini, Tahseen Mozaffar, Peter Andersen, Jeff Dietz, Josep Gamez, Mazen Dimachkie, Yunxia Wang, Paul Wicks, James Heywood, Steven Novella, L. P. Rowland, Erik Pioro, Lisa Kinsley, Kathy Mitchell, Jonathan Glass, Sith Sathornsumetee, Jon Baker, Nazem Atassi, Dallas Forshew, John Ravits, and Robin Conwit

Serum activity of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 is decreased in patients with acute ischemic stroke, Douglas M. Bennion, Christian A. Rosado, Emily A. Haltigan, Robert W. Regenhardt, Colin Sumners, and Michael F. Waters


Intraparenchymal stereotaxic delivery of rAAV and special considerations in vector handling, Matthew J. Benskey and Fredric P. Manfredsson


The contribution of alpha synuclein to neuronal survival and function - Implications for Parkinson's disease, Matthew J. Benskey, Ruth G. Perez, and Fredric P. Manfredsson


Continuous collection of adeno-associated virus from producer cell medium significantly increases total viral yield, Matthew J. Benskey, Ivette M. Sandoval, and Fredric P. Manfredsson

ALSUntangled No. 32: Gluten-free diet., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

ALS Untangled No.33 Endotherapia., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

Biomechanics of posterior instrumentation in L1-L3 lateral interbody fusion: Pedicle screw rod construct vs. transfacet pedicle screws, Kingsley R. Chin, Anna G.U. Newcomb, Marco T. Reis, Phillip M. Reyes, Grace A. Hickam, Josue Gabriel, Fabio J.R. Pencle, Roger D. Sung, and Neil R. Crawford

Is Alpha-Synuclein Loss-of-Function a Contributor to Parkinsonian Pathology? Evidence from Non-human Primates, Timothy J. Collier, D Eugene Redmond, Kathy Steece-Collier, Jack W. Lipton, and Fredric P. Manfredsson

Cerebrospinal Fluid Prongf: A Putative Biomarker For Early Alzheimer’S Disease, Scott E. Counts, Bin He, John G. Prout, Bernadeta Michalski, Lucia Farotti, Margaret Fahnestock, and Elliott J. Mufson

Robust effects of genetic background on responses to subarachnoid hemorrhage in mice, Josephine A. D'Abbondanza, Jinglu Ai, Elliot Lass, Hoyee Wan, Shakira Brathwaite, Michael K. Tso, Charles Lee, Philip A. Marsden, and R. Loch MacDonald

Densitometric comparison of 3 occipital regions for suitability of fixation, Chandan Das, Anna G.U.S. Newcomb, Daniel P. Gaudin, and Neil R. Crawford

Association between Social and Physical Activities and Insomnia Symptoms among Community-Dwelling Older Adults, Yohannes W. Endeshaw and Wonsuk Yoo

Microsurgical Approaches to the Ambient Cistern Region: An Anatomic and Qualitative Study, Eberval Gadelha Figueiredo, André Beer-Furlan, Leonardo C. Welling, Eduardo C. Ribas, Marcelo Schafranski, Neil Crawford, Manoel J. Teixeira, Albert L. Rhoton, Robert F. Spetzler, and Mark C. Preul


ALSUntangled No. 35: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy*, Emma Fixsen, Richard Bedlack, Colin Quinn, Chafic Karam, Alex Sherman, Lyle Ostrow, Orla Hardiman, Terry Heiman-Patterson, Laurie Gutmann, Mark Bromberg, Gregory Carter, Edor Kabashi, Tulio Bertorini, Tahseen Mozaffar, Peter Andersen, Josep Gamez, Mazen Dimachkie, Yunxia Wang, Paul Wicks, James Heywood, Steven Novella, L. P. Rowland, Erik Pioro, Lisa Kinsley, Kathy Mitchell, Jonathan Glass, Sith Sathornsumetee, Jon Baker, Nazem Atassi, Dallas Forshew, John Ravits, and Robin Conwit


Intracortical microstimulation of human somatosensory cortex, Sharlene N. Flesher, Jennifer L. Collinger, Stephen T. Foldes, Jeffrey M. Weiss, John E. Downey, Elizabeth C. Tyler-Kabara, Sliman J. Bensmaia, Andrew B. Schwartz, Michael L. Boninger, and Robert A. Gaunt


Impact Of Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cell Infusion On Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot 2-Year Observational Study, Ying Fu, Yaping Yan, Yuan Qi, Li Yang, Ting Li, Ningnannan Zhang, Chunshui Yu, Lei Su, Rui Zhang, Yi Shen, Song Lin, Qiang Liu, Zonghong Shao, Zhongchao Han, and Fu Dong Shi

A call to develop evidence-based interventions to reduce sexually transmitted infections in juvenile justice populations, Madison L. Gates, Michelle Staples-Horne, Jeanne Cartier, Candace Best, Rebecca Stone, Veronica Walker, Beverly Hastings, Wonsuk Yoo, Nancy C. Webb, and Ronald L. Braithwaite

Gender and race disparities in weight gain among offenders prescribed antidepressant and antipsychotic medications, Madison L. Gates, Thad Wilkins, Elizabeth Ferguson, Veronica Walker, Robert K. Bradford, and Wonsuk Yoo

The transcription factor Pax6 contributes to the induction of GLT-1 expression in astrocytes through an interaction with a distal enhancer element, Mausam Ghosh, Meredith Lane, Elizabeth Krizman, Rita Sattler, Jeffrey D. Rothstein, and Michael B. Robinson

Interaction between ALK1 Signaling and Connexin40 in the Development of Arteriovenous Malformations, Konstantinos Gkatzis, Jérémy Thalgott, Damien Dos-Santos-Luis, Sabrina Martin, Noël Lamandé, Marie France Carette, Frans Disch, Repke J. Snijder, Cornelius J. Westermann, Johannes J. Mager, S. Paul Oh, Lucile Miquerol, Helen M. Arthur, Christine L. Mummery, and Franck Lebrin

Biomechanical Evaluation Of The Cd Horizon Spire Z Spinal System With Pedicle And Facet Fixation, Jakub Godzik, Samuel Kalb, Eduardo Martinez-Del-Campo, Anna G.U.S. Newcomb, Vaneet Singh, Corey T. Walker, Steve W. Chang, Brian P. Kelly, and Neil R. Crawford

Biomechanical Evaluation Of Lumbar Decompression Adjacent To Instrumented Segments, Peter Grunert, Phillip M. Reyes, Anna G.U.S. Newcomb, Sara B. Towne, Brian P. Kelly, Nicholas Theodore, and Roger Härtl

Cognitive Impairment Neuroimaging And Alzheimer Neuropathology In Mouse Models Of Down Syndrome, Eric D. Hamlett, Heather A. Boger, Aurelie Ledreux, Christy M. Kelley, Elliott J. Mufson, Maria F. Falangola, David N. Guilfoyle, Ralph A. Nixon, David Patterson, Nathan Duval, and Ann Charlotte E.

Effects of Long-Term Exercise on Age-Related Hearing Loss in Mice., Chul Han, Dalian Ding, Maria-Cecilia Lopez, Senthilvelan Manohar, Yanping Zhang, Mi-Jung Kim, Hyo-Jin Park, Karessa White, Yong Hwan Kim, Paul Linser, Masaru Tanokura, Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, Henry V Baker, Richard J Salvi, and Shinichi Someya

Attenuated Traumatic Axonal Injury And Improved Functional Outcome After Traumatic Brain Injury In Mice Lacking Sarm1, Nils Henninger, James Bouley, Elif M. Sikoglu, Jiyan An, Constance M. Moore, Jean A. King, Robert Bowser, Marc R. Freeman, and Robert H. Brown

CYP2C19 and CES1 polymorphisms and efficacy of clopidogrel and aspirin dual antiplatelet therapy in patients with symptomatic intracranial atherosclerotic disease, Brian L. Hoh, Yan Gong, Caitrin W. McDonough, Michael F. Waters, Adrienne J. Royster, Tiffany O. Sheehan, Ben Burkley, Taimour Y. Langaee, J Mocco, Scott L. Zuckerman, Nishit Mummareddy, Marcus L. Stephens, Christie Ingram, Christian M. Shaffer, Joshua C. Denny, Murray H. Brilliant, Terrie E. Kitchner, James G. Linneman, Dan M. Roden, and Julie A. Johnson


Cannabinoid Receptor Subtype 2 (Cb2R) Agonist Gw405833 Reduces Agonist-Induced Ca2+ Oscillations In Mouse Pancreatic Acinar Cells, Zebing Huang, Haiyan Wang, Jingke Wang, Mengqin Zhao, Nana Sun, Fangfang Sun, Jianxin Shen, Haiying Zhang, Kunkun Xia, Dejie Chen, Ming Gao, Ronald P. Hammer, Qingrong Liu, Zhengxiong Xi, Xuegong Fan, and Jie Wu

Management of Bilateral Carotid Occlusive Disease, Ashutosh P. Jadhav, Andrew F. Ducruet, Brian T. Jankowitz, and Tudor G. Jovin

Rare neurological channelopathies--networks to study patients, pathogenesis and treatment, Joanna C. Jen, Tetsuo Ashizawa, Robert C. Griggs, and Michael F. Waters


Cpt-Cgmp Is A New Ligand Of Epithelial Sodium Channels, Hong Long Ji, Hong Guang Nie, Yongchang Chang, Qizhou Lian, and Shan Lu Liu

Non-Invasive Tracking Of Cd4 + T Cells With A Paramagnetic And Fluorescent Nanoparticle In Brain Ischemia, Wei Na Jin, Xiaoxia Yang, Zhiguo Li, Minshu Li, Samuel Xiang Yu, Kristofer Wood, Qingwei Liu, Ying Fu, Wei Han, Yun Xu, Fu Dong Shi, and Qiang Liu

Effects Of Maternal Choline Supplementation On The Septohippocampal Cholinergic System In The Ts65Dn Mouse Model Of Down Syndrome, Christy M. Kelley, Jessica A. Ash, Brian E. Powers, Ramon Velazquez, Melissa J. Alldredd, Milos D. Ikonomovic, Stephen D. Ginsbergd, Barbara J. Strupp, and Elliott J. Mufson

What Can Standard In Vitro Biomechanical Testing Tell Us About Adjacent Segment Disease?, Brian P. Kelly and Nicholas Theodore

Quantitative and semi-quantitative measurements of axonal degeneration in tissue and primary neuron cultures, Andrew Kneynsberg, Timothy J. Collier, Fredric P. Manfredsson, and Nicholas M. Kanaan


Hyperhomocysteinemia induced by excessive methionine intake promotes rupture of cerebral aneurysms in ovariectomized rats, Masaaki Korai, Keiko T. Kitazato, Yoshiteru Tada, Takeshi Miyamoto, Kenji Shimada, Nobuhisa Matsushita, Yasuhisa Kanematsu, Junichiro Satomi, Tomoki Hashimoto, and Shinji Nagahiro

Lineage-Restricted OLIG2-RTK Signaling Governs the Molecular Subtype of Glioma Stem-like Cells, Robert Kupp, Lior Shtayer, An-Chi Tien, Emily Szeto, Nader Sanai, David H. Rowitch, and Shwetal Mehta


NPT088 reduces both amyloid-b and tau pathologies in transgenic mice, Jonathan M. Levenson, Sally Schroeter, Jenna C. Carroll, Valerie Cullen, Eva Asp, Ming Proschitsky, Charlotte H.Y. Chung, Sharon Gilead, Muhammad Nadeem, Hemraj B. Dodiya, Shadiyat Shoaga, Elliott J. Mufson, Haim Tsubery, Rajaraman Krishnan, Jason Wright, Beka Solomon, Richard Fisher, and Kimberley S. Gannon

Venous sinus stenting for idiopathic intracranial hypertension is not associated with cortical venous occlusion, Michael R. Levitt, Felipe C. Albuquerque, Andrew F. Ducruet, M Yashar Kalani, Celene B. Mulholland, and Cameron G. McDougall

Mtorc1 Pathway Disruption Ameliorates Brain Inflammation Following Stroke Via A Shift In Microglia Phenotype From M1 Type To M2 Type, Daojing Li, Chunjiong Wang, Yang Yao, Li Chen, Guiyou Liu, Rongxin Zhang, Qiang Liu, Fu Dong Shi, and Junwei Hao


Influence of water compartmentation and heterogeneous relaxation on quantitative magnetization transfer imaging in rodent brain tumors, Ke Li, Hua Li, Xiao Yong Zhang, Ashley M. Stokes, Xiaoyu Jiang, Hakmook Kang, C. Chad Quarles, Zhongliang Zu, Daniel F. Gochberg, John C. Gore, and Junzhong Xu


Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Microvesicles Prevent the Rupture of Intracranial Aneurysm in Part by Suppression of Mast Cell Activation via a PGE2-Dependent Mechanism, Jia Liu, Atsushi Kuwabara, Yoshinobu Kamio, Shuling Hu, Jeonghyun Park, Tomoki Hashimoto, and Jae Woo Lee

Neural Stem Cells Sustain Natural Killer Cells That Dictate Recovery From Brain Inflammation, Qiang Liu, Nader Sanai, Wei Na Jin, Antonio La Cava, Luc Van Kaer, and Fu Dong Shi


Expression Of Carbonic Anhydrase I In Motor Neurons And Alterations in ALS, Xiaochen Liu, Deyi Lu, Robert Bowser, and Jian Liu

Immunoprecipitation And Mass Spectrometry Defines An Extensive Rbm45 Protein–Protein Interaction Network, Yang Li, Mahlon Collins, Jiyan An, Rachel Geiser, Tony Tegeler, Kristine Tsantilas, Krystine Garcia, Patrick Pirrotte, and Robert Bowser


Differential α4(+)/(-)β2 Agonist-Binding Site Contributions To α4β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Function Within And Between Isoforms, Linda M. Lucero, Maegan M. Weltzin, J. Brek Eaton, John F. Cooper, Jon M. Lindstrom, Ronald J. Lukas, and Paul Whiteaker

Neuritic And Diffuse Plaque Associations With Memory In Non-Cognitively Impaired Elderly, Michael Malek-Ahmadi, Sylvia E. Perez, Kewei Chen, and Elliott J. Mufson

Letter to the Editor: "Cured" intracranial dural arteriovenous fistulas, Michael M. McDowell and Andrew F. Ducruet

Pipeline Embolization Device: Long-Term Outcome Data Flows In, Michael M. McDowell, Rafey A. Feroze, and Andrew F. Ducruet


Novel role of 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal in AIFm2-mediated mitochondrial stress signaling, Sumitra Miriyala, Chadinee Thippakorn, Luksana Chaiswing, Yong Xu, Teresa Noel, Artak Tovmasyan, Ines Batinic-Haberle, Craig W. Vander Kooi, Wang Chi, Ahmed Abdel Latif, Manikandan Panchatcharam, Virapong Prachayasittikul, D. Allan Butterfield, Mary Vore, Jeffrey Moscow, and Daret K.St Clair

The rationale for deep brain stimulation in Alzheimer's disease, Zaman Mirzadeh, Ausaf Bari, and Andres M. Lozano

Tenascin-C Is Associated With Cored Amyloid-B Plaques In Alzheimer Disease And Pathology Burdened Cognitively Normal Elderly, Zhiping Mi, Willi Halfter, Eric E. Abrahamson, William E. Klunk, Chester A. Mathis, Elliott J. Mufson, and Milos D. Ikonomovic

Molecular And Cellular Pathophysiology Of Preclinical Alzheimer'S Disease, Elliott J. Mufson, Milos D. Ikonomovic, Scott E. Counts, Sylvia E. Perez, Michael Malek-Ahmadi, Stephen W. Scheff, and Stephen D. Ginsberg

Braak Staging Plaque Pathology And Apoe Status In Elderly Persons Without Cognitive Impairment, Elliott J. Mufson, Michael Malek-Ahmadi, Sylvia E. Perez, and Kewei Chen

Braak Stage And Trajectory Of Cognitive Decline In Noncognitively Impaired Elders, Elliott J. Mufson, Michael Malek-Ahmadi, Noelle Snyder, Jake Ausdemore, Kewei Chen, and Sylvia E. Perez

Progression Of Tau Pathology Within Cholinergic Nucleus Basalis Neurons In Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: A Chronic Effects Of Neurotrauma Consortium Study, Elliott J. Mufson, Sylvia E. Perez, Muhammad Nadeem, Laura Mahady, Nicholas M. Kanaan, Eric E. Abrahamson, Milos D. Ikonomovic, Fiona Crawford, Victor Alvarez, Thor Stein, and Ann C. McKee


Improving perfusion measurement in DSC-MR imaging with multiecho information for arterial input function determination, A. T. Newton, S. Pruthi, A. M. Stokes, J. T. Skinner, and C. C. Quarles


BMP9/ALK1 inhibits neovascularization in mouse models of agerelated macular degeneration, Kalonji Ntumba, Naoufal Akla, S. Paul Oh, Anne Eichmann, and Bruno Larrivée

The Prototoxin Lypd6B Modulates Heteromeric α3β4-Containing Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors But Not α7 Homomers, Vanessa Ochoa, Andrew A. George, Rae Nishi, and Paul Whiteaker

Multicenter Validation Of Csf Neurofilaments As Diagnostic Biomarkers For ALS, Patrick Oeckl, Claude Jardel, Francois Salachas, Foudil Lamari, Peter M. Andersen, Robert Bowser, Mamede de Carvalho, Julia Costa, Philip van Damme, Elizabeth Gray, Julian Grosskreutz, Mari­a Hernandez-Barral, Sanna Kaisa Herukka, A Huss, Andreas Jeromin, Janine Kirby, Magdalena Kuzma-Kozakiewicz, Maria del Mar, Jesus S. Mora, Claudia Morelli, Petra Muckova, Susanne Petri, Koen Poesen, Heidrun Rhode, Anna Karin Rikardsson, Wim Robberecht, Ana I. Rodriguez, Pamela Shaw, Vincenzo Silani, Petra Steinacker, Martin R. Turner, Erdem Tuzun, Berrak Yetimler, Albert C. Ludolph, and Markus Otto

PI3 kinase inhibition improves vascular malformations in mouse models of hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia, Roxana Ola, Alexandre Dubrac, Jinah Han, Feng Zhang, Jennifer S. Fang, Bruno Larrivée, Monica Lee, Ana A. Urarte, Jan R. Kraehling, Gael Genet, Karen K. Hirschi, William C. Sessa, Francesc V. Canals, Mariona Graupera, Minhong Yan, Lawrence H. Young, Paul S. Oh, and Anne Eichmann

Synthesis And Behavioral Studies Of Chiral Cyclopropanes As Selective α4β2-Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Partial Agonists Exhibiting An Antidepressant Profile. Part Iii, Oluseye K. Onajole, Gian Paolo Vallerini, J. Brek Eaton, Ronald J. Lukas, Dani Brunner, Barbara J. Caldarone, and Alan P. Kozikowski

Targeting MicroRNA to Enhance Poststroke Recovery, Alp Ozpinar, Gregory M. Weiner, and Andrew F. Ducruet

Prophylactic Antiepileptics and Seizure Incidence Following Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Propensity Score-Matched Analysis, David Panczykowski, Matthew Pease, Yin Zhao, Gregory Weiner, William Ares, Elizabeth Crago, Brian Jankowitz, and Andrew F. Ducruet

Biomechanics of a posterior lumbar motion stabilizing device in vitro comparison to intact and fused conditions, Luis Perez-Orribo, James F. Zucherman, Kenneth Y. Hsu, Phillip M. Reyes, Nestor G. Rodriguez-Martinez, and Neil R. Crawford

Early Alzheimer'S Disease-Type Pathology In The Frontal Cortex Of Wild Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla Beringei Beringei), Sylvia E. Perez, Chet C. Sherwood, Michael R. Cranfield, Joseph M. Erwin, Antoine Mudakikwa, Patrick R. Hof, and Elliott J. Mufson

Impact of age and vector construct on striatal and nigral transgene expression, Nicole K. Polinski, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Matthew J. Benskey, D Luke Fischer, Christopher J. Kemp, Kathy Steece-Collier, Ivette M. Sandoval, Katrina L. Paumier, and Caryl E. Sortwell

Attentional Function And Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Neuron Morphology During Aging In The Ts65Dn Mouse Model Of Down Syndrome, Brian E. Powers, Ramon Velazquez, Christy M. Kelley, Jessica A. Ash, Myla S. Strawderman, Melissa J. Alldred, Stephen D. Ginsberg, Elliott J. Mufson, and Barbara J. Strupp

Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 inhibits high-mobility group box 1 and attenuates cardiac dysfunction post-myocardial ischemia, Yan Fei Qi, Juan Zhang, Lei Wang, Vinayak Shenoy, Eric Krause, S. Paul Oh, Carl J. Pepine, Michael J. Katovich, and Mohan K. Raizada

Biomechanical Evaluation Of Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion With Secondary Augmentation, Marco T. Reis, Phillip M. Reyes, Idris Altun, Anna G.U.S. Newcomb, Vaneet Singh, Steve W. Chang, Brian P. Kelly, and Neil R. Crawford

The role of obesity in the biomechanics and radiological changes of the spine: An in vitro study, Nestor G. Rodriguez-Martinez, Luis Perez-Orribo, Samuel Kalb, Phillip M. Reyes, Anna G.U.S. Newcomb, Jeremy Hughes, Nicholas Theodore, and Neil R. Crawford

Biomechanics of a flexible sublaminar connector in long-segment thoracic fixation, Nestor G. Rodriguez-Martinez, Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Luis Perez-Orribo, Anna G.U.S. Newcomb, Phillip M. Reyes, Galyna Loughran, Nicholas Theodore, and Neil R. Crawford

Biomechanics of transvertebral screw fixation in the thoracic spine: An in vitro study, Nestor G. Rodriguez-Martinez, Amey Savardekar, Eric W. Nottmeier, Stephen Pirris, Phillip M. Reyes, Anna G.U.S. Newcomb, George A.C. Mendes, Samuel Kalb, Nicholas Theodore, and Neil R. Crawford

Reply, Seward B. Rutkove, Jeremy M. Shefner, Robert Bowser, and Michael Benatar


Reply. To (A reply to "To travel or not to travel: The modern day struggle of the academic researcher"., Seward B. Rutkove, Jeremy M. Shefner, Robert Bowser, and Michael Benatar

Feasibility and biomechanics of multilevel arthroplasty and combined cervical arthrodesis and arthroplasty, Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Phillip M. Reyes, Celeste Abjornson, and Neil R. Crawford


The link between alzheimer’s disease and down syndrome. A historical perspective, Ahmad Salehi, J. Wesson Ashford, and Elliott J. Mufson

Central injection of fibroblast growth factor 1 induces sustained remission of diabetic hyperglycemia in rodents, Jarrad M. Scarlett, Jennifer M. Rojas, Miles E. Matsen, Karl J. Kaiyala, Darko Stefanovski, Richard N. Bergman, Hong T. Nguyen, Mauricio D. Dorfman, Louise Lantier, David H. Wasserman, Zaman Mirzadeh, Terry G. Unterman, Gregory J. Morton, and Michael W. Schwartz

Oxidative Stress And Hippocampal Synaptic Protein Levels In Elderly Cognitively Intact Individuals With Alzheimer'S Disease Pathology, Stephen W. Scheff, Mubeen A. Ansari, and Elliott J. Mufson

Trastuzumab Improves Tumor Perfusion And Vascular Delivery Of Cytotoxic Therapy In A Murine Model Of Her2+ Breast Cancer: Preliminary Results, Anna G. Sorace, C. Chad Quarles, Jennifer G. Whisenant, Ariella B. Hanker, J. Oliver McIntyre, Violeta M. Sanchez, and Thomas E. Yankeelov

Hypoxia Imaging With PET Correlates With Antitumor Activity of the Hypoxia-Activated Prodrug Evofosfamide (TH-302) in Rodent Glioma Models, Ashley M. Stokes, Charles P. Hart, and C Chad Quarles


A simplified spin and gradient echo approach for brain tumor perfusion imaging, Ashley M. Stokes and C. Chad Quarles

Validation of a T1 and T2* leakage correction method based on multiecho dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI using MION as a reference standard, Ashley M. Stokes, Natenael Semmineh, and C Chad Quarles


Assessment of a simplified spin and gradient echo (sSAGE) approach for human brain tumor perfusion imaging, Ashley M. Stokes, Jack T. Skinner, Thomas Yankeelov, and C. Chad Quarles