Barrow Neurological Institute is comprised of multiple subspecialty areas. We see outpatients with neurological symptoms, and also have a busy inpatient service taking care of patients with the wide range of neurological illnesses.

Our mission is to provide excellent patient care, train the next generation of neurologists including medical students, neurology residents, and subspecialty fellows, and to perform cutting edge research that will improve the lives of our patients.


Submissions from 2016

Maternal Choline Supplementation: A Potential Prenatal Treatment For Down Syndrome And Alzheimer’S Disease, Barbara J. Strupp, Brian E. Powers, Ramon Velazquez, Jessica A. Ash, Christy M. Kelley, Melissa J. Alldred, Myla Strawderman, Marie A. Caudill, Elliott J. Mufson, and Stephen D. Ginsberg

PIERCE1 is critical for specification of left-right asymmetry in mice, Young Hoon Sung, In Jeoung Baek, Yong Hwan Kim, Yong Song Gho, S. Paul Oh, Young Jae Lee, and Han Woong Lee

Selective Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor 1 Modulation Attenuates Experimental Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Na Sun, Yi Shen, Wei Han, Kaibin Shi, Kristofer Wood, Ying Fu, Junwei Hao, Qiang Liu, Kevin N. Sheth, De Ren Huang, and Fu Dong Shi


Protein homeostasis gene dysregulation in pretangle-bearing nucleus basalis neurons during the progression of Alzheimer's disease, Chelsea T. Tiernan, Stephen D. Ginsberg, Angela L. Guillozet-Bongaarts, Sarah M. Ward, Bin He, Nicholas M. Kanaan, Elliott J. Mufson, Lester I. Binder, and Scott E. Counts


Oligodendrocyte precursors migrate along vasculature in the developing nervous system, Hui Hsin Tsai, Jianqin Niu, Roeben Munji, Dimitrios Davalos, Junlei Chang, Haijing Zhang, An Chi Tien, Calvin J. Kuo, Jonah R. Chan, Richard Daneman, and Stephen P.J. Fancy

Increasing brain angiotensin converting enzyme 2 activity decreases anxiety-like behavior in male mice by activating central Mas receptors, Lei Wang, Annette D. De Kloet, Dipanwita Pati, Helmut Hiller, Justin A. Smith, David J. Pioquinto, Jacob A. Ludin, S. Paul Oh, Michael J. Katovich, Charles J. Frazier, Mohan K. Raizada, and Eric G. Krause

Factors Associated With Recurrent Ischemic Stroke in the Medical Group of the SAMMPRIS Trial, Michael F. Waters, Brian L. Hoh, Michael J. Lynn, Hyung-Min Kwon, Tanya N. Turan, Colin P. Derdeyn, David Fiorella, Anna Khanna, Tiffany O. Sheehan, Bethany F. Lane, Scott Janis, Jean Montgomery, and Marc I. Chimowitz

The Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage-Induced White Matter Injury, Gregory M. Weiner, Alp Ozpinar, and Andrew F. Ducruet


Neurobehavioral radiation mitigation to standard brain cancer therapy regimens by Mn(III) n-butoxyethylpyridylporphyrin-based redox modifier, Douglas H. Weitzel, Artak Tovmasyan, Kathleen A. Ashcraft, Alina Boico, Samuel R. Birer, Kingshuk Roy Choudhury, James Herndon, Ramona M. Rodriguiz, William C. Wetsel, Katherine B. Peters, Ivan Spasojevic, Ines Batinic-Haberle, and Mark W. Dewhirst

Distinctive Effects Of Nicotinic Receptor Intracellular-Loop Mutations Associated With Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy, Maegan M. Weltzin, Jon M. Lindstrom, Ronald J. Lukas, and Paul Whiteaker

Effect of topical intranasal therapy on epistaxis frequency in patients with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: A randomized clinical trial, Kevin J. Whitehead, Nathan B. Sautter, Justin P. McWilliams, Murali M. Chakinala, Christian A. Merlo, Maribeth H. Johnson, Melissa James, Eric M. Everett, Marianne S. Clancy, Marie E. Faughnan, S. Paul Oh, Scott E. Olitsky, Reed E. Pyeritz, and James R. Gossage


Gap Junctions Contribute To Ictal/Interictal Genesis In Human Hypothalamic Hamartomas, Jie Wu, Ming Gao, Stephen G. Rice, Candy Tsang, John Beggs, Dharshaun Turner, Guohui Li, Bo Yang, Kunkun Xia, Fenfei Gao, Shenfeng Qiu, Qiang Liu, and John F. Kerrigan

Heteromeric α7β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors In The Brain, Jie Wu, Qiang Liu, Pei Tang, Jens D. Mikkelsen, Jianxin Shen, Paul Whiteaker, and Jerrel L. Yakel

Competitive Antagonists Facilitate The Recovery From Desensitization Of α1β2γ2 Gaba A Receptors Expressed In Xenopus Oocytes, Xiao Jun Xu, Diane Roberts, Guo Nian Zhu, and Yong Chang

Emamectin Is A Non-Selective Allosteric Activator Of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors And Gabaa/C Receptors, Xiaojun Xu, Caraline Sepich, Ronald J. Lukas, Guonian Zhu, and Yongchang Chang

Smooth muscle cell-specific Tgfbr1 deficiency promotes aortic aneurysm formation by stimulating multiple signaling events, Pu Yang, Bradley M. Schmit, Chunhua Fu, Kenneth Desart, S. Paul Oh, Scott A. Berceli, and Zhihua Jiang

Autoantibody to MOG Suggests two Distinct Clinical Subtypes of Nmosd, Yaping Yan, Yujing Li, Ying Fu, Li Yang, Lei Su, Kaibin Shi, Minshu Li, Qiang Liu, Aimee Borazanci, Yaou Liu, Yong He, Jeffrey L. Bennett, Timothy L. Vollmer, and Fu-Dong Shi

Dimethyl Fumarate And Monomethyl Fumarate Promote Post-Ischemic Recovery In Mice, Yang Yao, Weimin Miao, Zhijia Liu, Wei Han, Kaibin Shi, Yi Shen, Handong Li, Qiang Liu, Ying Fu, De Ren Huang, and Fu Dong Shi

Ketones Block Amyloid Entry and Improve Cognition in an Alzheimer's Model, Jun Xiang Yin, Marwan Maalouf, Pengcheng Han, Minglei Zhao, Ming Gao, Turner Dharshaun, Christopher Ryan, Julian Whitelegge, Jie Wu, David Eisenberg, Eric M. Reiman, Felix E. Schweizer, and Jiong Shi

Redox-Active Mn Porphyrin-based Potent SOD Mimic, MnTnBuOE-2-PyP(5+), Enhances Carbenoxolone-Mediated TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis in Glioblastoma Multiforme, Yulyana Yulyana, Artak Tovmasyan, Ivy A. Ho, Kian Chuan Sia, Jennifer P. Newman, Wai Hoe Ng, Chang Ming Guo, Kam Man Hui, Ines Batinic-Haberle, and Paula Y. Lam

Augmentation Of Circulating Follicular Helper T Cells And Their Impact On Autoreactive B Cells In Myasthenia Gravis, Cun Jin Zhang, Ye Gong, Wenli Zhu, Yuan Qi, Chun Sheng Yang, Ying Fu, Guoqiang Chang, Yujing Li, Samuel Shi, Kristofer Wood, Shafeeq Ladha, Fu Dong Shi, Qiang Liu, and Yaping Yan

Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Novel Hybrids Of Highly Potent And Selective α4β2-Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor (Nachr) Partial Agonists, Han Kun Zhang, J. Brek Eaton, Allison Fedolak, Hendra Gunosewoyo, Oluseye K. Onajole, Dani Brunner, Ronald J. Lukas, Li Fang Yu, and Alan P. Kozikowski


Decoding Brain States Based on Magnetoencephalography From Prespecified Cortical Regions, Jinyin Zhang, Xin Li, Stephen T. Foldes, Wei Wang, Jennifer L. Collinger, Douglas J. Weber, and Anto Bagić

Generation of GFAP::GFP astrocyte reporter lines from human adult fibroblast-derived iPS cells using zinc-finger nuclease technology, Ping-Wu Zhang, Amanda M. Haidet-Phillips, Jacqueline T. Pham, Youngjin Lee, Yuqing Huo, Pentti J. Tienari, Nicholas J. Maragakis, Rita Sattler, and Jeffrey D. Rothstein

Persistent infiltration and pro-inflammatory differentiation of monocytes cause unresolved inflammation in brain arteriovenous malformation, Rui Zhang, Zhenying Han, Vincent Degos, Fanxia Shen, Eun Jung Choi, Zhengda Sun, Shuai Kang, Michael Wong, Wan Zhu, Lei Zhan, Helen M. Arthur, S. Paul Oh, Marie E. Faughnan, and Hua Su

Kv3.3 Channels Bind Hax-1 and Arp2/3 to Assemble a Stable Local Actin Network that Regulates Channel Gating, Yalan Zhang, Xiao-Feng Zhang, Matthew R. Fleming, Anahita Amiri, Lynda El-Hassar, Alexei A. Surguchev, Callen Hyland, David P. Jenkins, Rooma Desai, Maile R. Brown, Valeswara-Rao Gazula, Michael F. Waters, Charles H. Large, Tamas L. Horvath, Dhasakumar Navaratnam, Flora M. Vaccarino, Paul Forscher, and Leonard K. Kaczmarek

Molecular Basis Of Reactive Oxygen Species-Induced Inactivation Of α4β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors, Junjun Zhao, Yan Zheng, Fenqin Xue, Yongchang Chang, Hui Yang, and Jianliang Zhang


Nicotine Regulates Activity Of Lateral Habenula Neurons Via Presynaptic And Postsynaptic Mechanisms, Wanhong Zuo, Cheng Xiao, Ming Gao, F. Woodward Hopf, Krešimir Krnjević, J. Michael McIntosh, Rao Fu, Jie Wu, Alex Bekker, and Jiang Hong Ye

Submissions from 2015

A reappraisal of the Pipeline embolization device for the treatment of posterior circulation aneurysms, Felipe C. Albuquerque, Min S. Park, Adib A. Abla, R Webster Crowley, Andrew F. Ducruet, and Cameron G. McDougall

Beliefs and behaviors about breast cancer recurrence risk reduction among African American breast cancer survivors, Benjamin Ansa, Wonsuk Yoo, Mary Whitehead, Steven Coughlin, and Selina Smith

Executive summary of the 11th HHT international scientific conference, Helen Arthur, Urban Geisthoff, James R. Gossage, Christopher C.W. Hughes, Pascal Lacombe, Mary E. Meek, Paul Oh, Beth L. Roman, Scott O. Trerotola, Sebastiaan Velthuis, and Whitney Wooderchak-Donahue


Novel manganese-porphyrin superoxide dismutase-mimetic widens the therapeutic margin in a preclinical head and neck cancer model, Kathleen A. Ashcraft, Mary Keara Boss, Artak Tovmasyan, Kingshuk Roy Choudhury, Andrew N. Fontanella, Kenneth H. Young, Gregory M. Palmer, Samuel R. Birer, Chelsea D. Landon, Won Park, Shiva K. Das, Tin Weitner, Huaxin Sheng, David S. Warner, David M. Brizel, Ivan Spasojevic, Ines Batinic-Haberle, and Mark W. Dewhirst

Use Of Biomarkers In Als Drug Development And Clinical Trials, Nadine Bakkar, Ashley Boehringer, and Robert Bowser

Rbm45 Modulates The Antioxidant Response In Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Through Interactions With Keap1, Nadine Bakkar, Arianna Kousari, Tina Kovalik, Yang Li, and Robert Bowser


An educational overview of the chemistry, biochemistry and therapeutic aspects of Mn porphyrins - From superoxide dismutation to H2O2-driven pathways, Ines Batinic-Haberle, Artak Tovmasyan, and Ivan Spasojevic

ALSUntangled: Introducing the table of evidence, Richard Bedlack, Colin Quinn, Chafic Karam, Alex Sherman, Lyle Ostrow, Orla Hardiman, Terry Heiman-Patterson, Laurie Gutmann, Mark Bromberg, Gregory Carter, Edor Kabashi, Tulio Bertorini, Tahseen Mozaffar, Peter Andersen, Jeff Dietz, Josep Gamez, Mazen Dimachkie, Yunxia Wang, Paul Wicks, James Heywood, Steven Novella, L. P. Rowland, Erik Pioro, Lisa Kinsley, Kathy Mitchell, Jonathan Glass, Sith Sathornsumetee, Hubert Kwiecinski, Jon Baker, Nazem Atassi, and Dallas Forshew

ALSUntangled No. 29: MitoQ, Richard Bedlack, Colin Quinn, Chafic Karam, Alex Sherman, Lyle Ostrow, Orla Hardiman, Terry Heiman-Patterson, Laurie Gutmann, Mark Bromberg, Gregory Carter, Edor Kabashi, Tulio Bertorini, Tahseen Mozaffar, Peter Andersen, Jeff Dietz, Josep Gamez, Mazen Dimachkie, Yunxia Wang, Paul Wicks, James Heywood, Steven Novella, L. P. Rowland, Erik Pioro, Lisa Kinsley, Kathy Mitchell, Jonathan Glass, Sith Sathornsumetee, Hubert Kwiecinski, Jon Baker, Nazem Atassi, and Dallas Forshew

Biomechanical Comparison of Robotically Applied Pure Moment, Ideal Follower Load, and Novel Trunk Weight Loading Protocols on L4-L5 Cadaveric Segments during Flexion-Extension., Charles R Bennett, Denis J DiAngelo, and Brian P Kelly

Biomechanical Comparison Of Robotically Applied Pure Moment Ideal Follower Load And Novel Trunk Weight Loading Protocols On L4-L5 Cadaveric Segments During Flexion-Extension, Charles R. Bennett, Denis J. DiAngelo, and Brian P. Kelly


Targeted gene delivery to the enteric nervous system using AAV: A comparison across serotypes and capsid mutants, Matthew J. Benskey, Nathan C. Kuhn, James J. Galligan, Joanna Garcia, Shannon E. Boye, William W. Hauswirth, Christian Mueller, Sanford L. Boye, and Fredric P. Manfredsson


The role of parkin in the differential susceptibility of tuberoinfundibular and nigrostriatal dopamine neurons to acute toxicant exposure, Matthew J. Benskey, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Keith J. Lookingland, and John L. Goudreau

Comparative evaluation of garlic (S-allylcysteine) and reduced glutathione in mitigating the toxopathologic effects of cyclophosphamide in urinary bladder, Kanchan Bhatia, Diana Ali Hmoud Al-Quwaie, Nizamuddin Farooqui, and Saif Ahmad

ALSUntangled No. 27: Precision Stem Cell., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

ALSUntangled No. 28: Acupuncture., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

ALSUntangled No. 30: methylcobalamin., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

ALSUntangled No. 31: Protandim., Robert Bowser and ALSUntangled Group

Postoperative shift in ocular alignment following single vertical rectus recession on adjustable suture in adults without thyroid eye disease, Emily Bratton, Mary Ellen Hoehn, Wonsuk Yoo, Kyle Fitzgerald Cox, and Natalie C. Kerr

Coil herniation following intra-arterial verapamil infusion for the treatment of cerebral vasospasm: Case report and literature review, Stephanie H. Chen, Ramesh Grandhi, Christopher P. Deibert, Tudor G. Jovin, Paul A. Gardner, and Andrew F. Ducruet

Stability of transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion in the setting of retained facets and posterior fixation using transfacet or standard pedicle screws, Kingsley R. Chin, Marco T. Reis, Phillip M. Reyes, Anna G.U. Newcomb, Anda Neagoe, Josue P. Gabriel, Roger D. Sung, and Neil R. Crawford

The Dynamic Gait Index in Evaluating Patients with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus for Cerebrospinal Fluid Diversion, Srinivas Chivukula, Zachary J. Tempel, Nathan T. Zwagerman, W Christopher Newman, Samuel S. Shin, Ching-Jen Chen, Paul A. Gardner, Eric M. McDade, and Andrew F. Ducruet

Mitochondrial ATP transporter Ant2 depletion impairs erythropoiesis and B lymphopoiesis, J. Cho, J. Seo, C. H. Lim, L. Yang, T. Shiratsuchi, M. H. Lee, R. R. Chowdhury, H. Kasahara, J. S. Kim, S. P. Oh, Y. J. Lee, and N. Terada

Label-Free Lc-Ms/Ms Proteomic Analysis Of Cerebrospinal Fluid Identifies Protein/Pathway Alterations And Candidate Biomarkers For Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Mahlon A. Collins, Jiyan An, Brian L. Hood, Thomas P. Conrads, and Robert P. Bowser

Total Protein Is An Effective Loading Control For Cerebrospinal Fluid Western Blots, Mahlon A. Collins, Jiyan An, Danielle Peller, and Robert Bowser

Advancing breast cancer survivorship among African-American women, Steven S. Coughlin, Wonsuk Yoo, Mary S. Whitehead, and Selina A. Smith

Neurological morbidity and mortality associated with the endovascular treatment of cerebral arteriovenous malformations before and during the Onyx era, R Webster Crowley, Andrew F. Ducruet, M Yashar Kalani, Louis J. Kim, Felipe C. Albuquerque, and Cameron G. McDougall

Mouse genetic background is associated with variation in secondary complications after subarachnoid hemorrhage, Josephine A. D’Abbondanza, Elliot Lass, Jinglu Ai, and R. Loch Macdonald

20-HETE is associated with unfavorable outcomes in subarachnoid hemorrhage patients, Mark K. Donnelly, Elizabeth A. Crago, Yvette P. Conley, Jeffery R. Balzer, Dianxu Ren, Andrew F. Ducruet, Patrick M. Kochanek, Paula R. Sherwood, and Samuel M. Poloyac

Erratum to: The surgical management of chronic subdural hematoma, Andrew F. Ducruet, Bartosz T. Grobelny, Brad E. Zacharia, Zachary L. Hickman, Peter L. DeRosa, Kristen N. Andersen, Eric Sussman, Austin Carpenter, and E Sander Connolly


Transcriptome And Expression Profiling Analysis Link Patterns Of Gene Expression To Antennal Responses In Spodoptera Litura, Bo Feng, Xinda Lin, Kaidi Zheng, Kai Qian, Yongchang Chang, and Yongjun Du

The role of endoscopic assistance in ambient cistern surgery: Analysis of four surgical approaches, Eberval Gadelha Figueiredo, André Beer-Furlan, Peter Nakaji, Neil Crawford, Leonardo C. Welling, Eduardo C. Ribas, Manoel J. Teixeira, Albert L. Rhoton, Robert F. Spetzler, and Mark C. Preul

High-Frequency Stimulation of the Rat Entopeduncular Nucleus Does Not Provide Functional or Morphological Neuroprotection from 6-Hydroxydopamine, D Luke Fischer, Timothy J. Collier, Allyson Cole-Strauss, Susan L. Wohlgenant, Jack W. Lipton, Kathy Steece-Collier, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Christopher J. Kemp, and Caryl E. Sortwell


MEG-based neurofeedback for hand rehabilitation, Stephen T. Foldes, Douglas J. Weber, and Jennifer L. Collinger

MicroRNA-146b-3p regulates retinal inflammation by suppressing adenosine deaminase-2 in diabetes, Sadanand Fulzele, Ahmed El-Sherbini, Saif Ahmad, Rajnikumar Sangani, Suraporn Matragoon, Azza El-Remessy, Reshmitha Radhakrishnan, and Gregory I. Liou

Genetic inhibition of JNK3 ameliorates spinal muscular atrophy, Naresh K. Genabai, Saif Ahmad, Zhanying Zhang, Xiaoting Jiang, Cynthia A. Gabaldon, and Laxman Gangwani

A method for combining RNAscope in situ hybridization with immunohistochemistry in thick free-floating brain sections and primary neuronal cultures, Tessa M. Grabinski, Andrew Kneynsberg, Fredric P. Manfredsson, and Nicholas M. Kanaan

Administration of 4-Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate as an Antidote for Intracranial Bleeding in Patients Taking Direct Factor Xa Inhibitors, Ramesh Grandhi, W Christopher Newman, Xiaoran Zhang, Gillian Harrison, Colleen Moran, David O. Okonkwo, and Andrew F. Ducruet

Incidence of delayed angiographic femoral artery complications using the EXOSEAL vascular closure device, Ramesh Grandhi, Xiaoran Zhang, David Panczykowski, Phillip Choi, Christopher T. Hunnicutt, Ashutosh P. Jadhav, Andrew F. Ducruet, Tudor Jovin, and Brian Jankowitz


Brain computer interface learning for systems based on electrocorticography and intracortical microelectrode arrays, Shivayogi V. Hiremath, Weidong Chen, Wei Wang, Stephen Foldes, Ying Yang, Elizabeth C. Tyler-Kabara, Jennifer L. Collinger, and Michael L. Boninger

Neuropilin 1 balances β8 integrin-activated TGFβ signaling to control sprouting angiogenesis in the brain, Shinya Hirota, Thomas P. Clements, Leung K. Tang, John E. Morales, Hye Shin Lee, S. Paul Oh, Gonzalo M. Rivera, Daniel S. Wagner, and Joseph H. McCarty

α-Conotoxins Identify The α3β4ˆ— Subtype As The Predominant Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Expressed In Human Adrenal Chromaffin Cells, Arik J. Hone, J. Michael McIntosh, Layla Azam, Jon Lindstrom, Linda Lucero, Paul Whiteaker, Juan Passas, Jesús Blázquez, and Almudena Albillos


Proteolytic Regulation Of Epithelial Sodium Channels By Urokinase Plasminogen Activator: Cutting Edge And Cleavage Sites, Hong Long Ji, Runzhen Zhao, Andrey A. Komissarov, Yongchang Chang, Yongfeng Liu, and Michael A. Matthay

The longitudinal transcriptomic response of the substantia nigra to intrastriatal 6-hydroxydopamine reveals significant upregulation of regeneration-associated genes, Nicholas M. Kanaan, Timothy J. Collier, Allyson Cole-Strauss, Tessa Grabinski, Zachary R. Mattingly, Mary E. Winn, Kathy Steece-Collier, Caryl E. Sortwell, Fredric P. Manfredsson, and Jack W. Lipton

Xenopus laevis FGF receptor substrate 3 (XFrs3) is important for eye development and mediates Pax6 expression in lens placode through its Shp2-binding sites., Yeon-Jin Kim, Minjin Bahn, Yong Hwan Kim, Jee-Yoon Shin, Seon-Woo Cheong, Bong-Gun Ju, Won-Sun Kim, and Chang-Yeol Yeo

Epileptic focus localization based on resting state interictal MEG recordings is feasible irrespective of the presence or absence of spikes, B Krishnan, I Vlachos, Z I. Wang, J Mosher, I Najm, R Burgess, L Iasemidis, and A V. Alexopoulos

Haptoglobin phenotype predicts the development of focal and global cerebral vasospasm and may influence outcomes after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage, Jenna L. Leclerc, Spiros Blackburn, Dan Neal, Nicholas V. Mendez, Jeffrey A. Wharton, Michael F. Waters, and Sylvain Doré

Adenine nucleotide translocase 4 is expressed within embryonic ovaries and dispensable during oogenesis, Chae Ho Lim, Jeffrey V. Brower, James L. Resnick, S. Paul Oh, and Naohiro Terada

A Novel Nicotinic Mechanism Underlies β-Amyloid-Induced Neurotoxicity, Qiang Liu, Xitao Xie, Sharareh Emadi, Michael R. Sierks, and Jie Wu

Roles Of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor β Subunit Cytoplasmic Loops In Acute Desensitization And Single-Channel Features, Q. Liu, Y. P. Kuo, J. Shen, R. J. Lukas, and J. Wu


Activation Of α7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors Prevents Monosodium Iodoacetate-Induced Osteoarthritis In Rats, Yuan Liu, Dongying Wu, Fanglong Song, Chenlei Zhu, Yujian Hui, Qingcheng Zhu, Jie Wu, Weimin Fan, and Jun Hu

Activation Of α7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors Protects Astrocytes Against Oxidative Stress-Induced Apoptosis: Implications For Parkinson'S Disease, Yuan Liu, Xiaoning Zeng, Yujian Hui, Chenlei Zhu, Jie Wu, Devin H. Taylor, Juan Ji, Weimin Fan, Zuhu Huang, and Jun Hu


Rbm45 Homo-Oligomerization Mediates Association With Als-Linked Proteins And Stress Granules, Yang Li, Mahlon Collins, Rachel Geiser, Nadine Bakkar, David Riascos, and Robert Bowser

A comprehensive library of familial human amyotrophic lateral sclerosis induced pluripotent stem cells, Ying Li, Umamahesw Balasubramanian, Devon Cohen, Ping-Wu Zhang, Elizabeth Mosmiller, Rita Sattler, Nicholas J. Maragakis, and Jeffrey D. Rothstein

Association of Circulating Follicular Helper T Cells With Disease Course of NMO Spectrum Disorders, Yu Jing Li, Fang Zhang, Yuan Qi, Guo Qiang Chang, Ying Fu, Lei Su, Yi Shen, Na Sun, Aimee Borazanci, Chunsheng Yang, Fu-Dong Shi, and Yaping Yan


Successful serial imaging of the mouse cerebral arteries using conventional 3-T magnetic resonance imaging, Hiroshi Makino, Kazuya Hokamura, Takahiro Natsume, Tetsuro Kimura, Yoshinobu Kamio, Yasuhiro Magata, Hiroki Namba, Takasumi Katoh, Shigehito Sato, Tomoki Hashimoto, and Kazuo Umemura

Letter to the editor on "exposure to hazardous air pollutants and the risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis", Angela M. Malek, Aaron Barchowsky, Robert Bowser, Terry Heiman-Patterson, David Lacomis, Sandeep Rana, Ada Youk, and Evelyn O. Talbott

Exposure To Hazardous Air Pollutants And The Risk Of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Angela M. Malek, Aaron Barchowsky, Robert Bowser, Terry Heiman-Patterson, David Lacomis, Sandeep Rana, Ada Youk, and Evelyn O. Talbott

In silico approach to evaluate the efficacy of dietary flavonoids and their role in Alzheimer's disease, Ruchi Jakhmola Mani, Khyati Mittal, Savita Mishra, Harsha Kharkwal, Saif Ahmad, and Deepshikha Pande Katare

The genetics of aneurysms: a complex pathophysiology requiring complex analysis, Michael M. McDowell and Andrew F. Ducruet

Time Is Brain: A Critical Analysis of the EXTEND-IA and ESCAPE Trials, Michael M. McDowell and Andrew F. Ducruet

Endoscopic endonasal atlantoaxial transarticular screw fixation technique: An anatomical feasibility and biomechanical study, George A.C. Mendes, Curtis A. Dickman, Nestor G. Rodriguez-Martinez, Samuel Kalb, Neil R. Crawford, Volker K.H. Sonntag, Mark C. Preul, and Andrew S. Little

Response, George A.C. Mendes, Curtis A. Dickman, Nestor G. Rodriguez-Martinez, Samuel Kalb, Neil R. Crawford, Volker K.H. Sonntag, Mark C. Preul, and Andrew S. Little


DBS with versus without MER: Clinical equipoise or malpractice?, Zaman Mirzadeh and Francisco A. Ponce

Re: Letter to the editor regarding microelectrode recordings and deep brain stimulation surgery--Reasoned discussion?, Zaman Mirzadeh and Francisco A. Ponce

Reply: DBS with versus without MER: clinical equipoise or malpractice?, Zaman Mirzadeh and Francisco A. Ponce

Essential role for TMEM100 in vascular integrity but limited contributions to the pathogenesis of hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia, Eun Hye Moon, Yoo Sung Kim, Jiyoung Seo, Sabin Lee, Young Jae Lee, and Suk Paul Oh

Balloon remodeling of complex anterior communicating artery aneurysms: technical considerations and complications, Karam Moon, Felipe C. Albuquerque, Andrew F. Ducruet, R Webster Crowley, and Cameron G. McDougall

Methamphetamine use is an independent predictor of poor outcome after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage, Karam Moon, Felipe C. Albuquerque, Mario Mitkov, Andrew F. Ducruet, David A. Wilson, R Webster Crowley, Peter Nakaji, and Cameron G. McDougall

Hippocampal Plasticity During The Progression Of Alzheimer'S Disease, E. J. Mufson, L. Mahady, D. Waters, S. E. Counts, S. E. Perez, S. T. DeKosky, S. D. Ginsberg, M. D. Ikonomovic, S. W. Scheff, and L. I. Binder


Resistance To Inhibitors Of Cholinesterase 3 (Ric-3) Expression Promotes Selective Protein Associations With The Human α7-Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Interactome, Matthew J. Mulcahy, Sydney B. Blattman, Francisco J. Barrantes, Ronald J. Lukas, and Edward Hawrot


Evidence for Alzheimer’s disease-linked synapse loss and compensation in mouse and human hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons, Krystina M. Neuman, Elizabeth Molina-Campos, Timothy F. Musial, Andrea L. Price, Kwang Jin Oh, Malerie L. Wolke, Eric W. Buss, Stephen W. Scheff, Elliott J. Mufson, and Daniel A. Nicholson