The Barrow Neurological Institute is proud of its reputation as a medical research facility and is home to some of the most sophisticated research programs outside of an academic setting in the Southwestern United States. Researchers in the Barrow Neurosurgery Research Center are devoted to learning more about the causes of and treatments for a wide range of disorders, such as stroke, aneurysms, spinal cord injury, and hydrocephalus. Our research has led to treatments that are being used around the world. Within the Department are neurosurgeons who subspecialize in cerebrovascular and skull base, functional and stereotactic, pediatric, spine, tumor, and endovascular neurosurgery.

Physicians, scientists, and expert clinical staff come together with a commitment to developing new techniques for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of neurological illnesses and injuries. The leadership of internationally respected physicians keeps Barrow at the forefront of neuroscience. The compassionate expertise of its extensive staff of nurses, technologists, therapists and support personnel is evident in every aspect of care provided.

Our mission is to advance the knowledge and practice of medicine in neuroscience through basic and clinical research, education of medical professionals, and innovation in clinical techniques and technology.


Submissions from 2001

Assessment of Silent Embolism From Carotid Endarterectomy by Use of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging: Work in Progress, K. P.N. Forbes, Holly A. Shill, P. M. Britt, Joseph M. Zabramski, R. F. Spetzler, and J. E. Heiserman


Symptomatic corneal topographic change induced by reading in downgaze, K C. Golnik and E Eggenberger

Distribution of partial seizures during the sleep-wake cycle: Differences by seizure onset site, Susan T. Herman, T. S. Walczak, and C. W. Bazil

Intrathecal Treatment of Neoplastic Meningitis due to Breast Cancer With a Slow-Release Formulation of Cytarabine, K. A. Jaeckle, Surasak Phuphanich, M. J. van den Bent, R. Aiken, T. Batchelor, T. Campbell, D. Fulton, M. Gilbert, D. Heros, L. Rogers, S. J. O'Day, W. Akerley, J. Allen, S. Baidas, S. Z. Gertler, H. S. Greenberg, S. LaFollette, G. Lesser, W. Mason, and et al.

Movement Disorders and Normal Aging, Padma R. Mahant and Mark A. Stacy

Effects of changes in experimental design on PET studies of isometric force, Suraj A. Muley, Stephen C. Strother, James Ashe, Sally A. Frutiger, John R. Anderson, John J. Sidtis, and David A. Rottenberg


Thalamic stimulation for primary writing tremor, B A. Racette, J Dowling, J Randle, and J W. Mink


Welding-related parkinsonism: clinical features, treatment, and pathophysiology, B A. Racette, L McGee-Minnich, S M. Moerlein, J W. Mink, T O. Videen, and J S. Perlmutter


Late-onset neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation type 1: expanding the clinical spectrum, B A. Racette, A Perry, G D'Avossa, and J S. Perlmutter

Does apolipoprotein E (Apo-E) genotype influence nicotinic receptor binding in Alzheimer's disease, R. T. Reid, M. N. Sabbagh, and L. J. Thal


Correlation of nicotinic receptor binding with clinical and neuropathological changes in Alzheimer's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies, M. N. Sabbagh, R. T. Reid, L. A. Hansen, M. Alford, and L. J. Thal

Dizziness and Headache: A Common Association in Children and Adolescents, Pedro Weisleder and Terry D. Fife

Submissions from 2000

Incidence of Postangiographic Abnormalities Revealed by Diffusion- Weighted MR Imaging, Peter M. Britt, Joseph E. Heiserman, Robb M. Snider, Holly A. Shill, C. R. Bird, and Robert C. Wallace


E4 allele dosage does not predict cholinergic activity or synapse loss in Alzheimer's disease, Jody Corey-Bloom, P. Tiraboschi, L. A. Hansen, M. Alford, B. Schoos, M. N. Sabbagh, E. Masliah, and L. J. Thal


Incidence of ocular misalignment and diplopia after uneventful cataract surgery, K C. Golnik, C E. West, E Kaye, K T. Corcoran, and R J. Cionni


Atypical features prompting neuroimaging in acute optic neuropathy in adults, A G. Lee, D J. Lin, M Kaufman, K C. Golnik, M S. Vaphiades, and E Eggenberger


Treatment of optic nerve sheath meningioma with three-dimensional conformal radiation, P D. Moyer, K C. Golnik, and J Breneman


Ipsilateral thalamic stimulation after thalamotomy for essential tremor. A case report, B A. Racette, K M. Rich, J Randle, and J W. Mink


Nicotinic receptor losses in dementia with Lewy bodies: Comparisons with Alzheimer's disease, Richard T. Reid, Marwan N. Sabbagh, Jody CoreyBloom, Pietro Tiraboschi, and Leon J. Thal


Chorea and jaw-opening dystonia as a manifestation of NeuroBehcet's syndrome, F J. Revilla, B A. Racette, and J S. Perlmutter


Amyloid-β and treatment opportunities for Alzheimer's disease, Marwan N. Sabbagh, Douglas Galasko, Edward Koo, and Leon J. Thal

Amyloid-beta and treatment opportunities for Alzheimer's disease, M N. Sabbagh, D Galasko, E Koo, and L J. Thal

A novel RGD-independent fibronectin assembly pathway initiated by alpha4beta1 integrin binding to the alternatively spliced V region., J L Sechler, A M Cumiskey, D M Gazzola, and J E Schwarzbauer

Valproic Acid Toxicity Mimicking Multiple System Atrophy, Holly A. Shill and Terry D. Fife

The quantitative evaluation of functional neuroimaging experiments: The NPAIRS data analysis framework, Stephen Strother, Jon Anderson, Sally Frutiger, Suraj Muley, David Rottenberg, Ulrik Kjems, and Lars Kai Hansen


Cholinergic dysfunction in diseases with LEWY bodies, P. Tiraboschi, L. A. Hansen, M. Alford, M. N. Sabbagh, B. Schoos, E. Masliah, L. J. Thal, and Jody Corey-Bloom

Submissions from 1999

Brain Tumors, Lynn S. Ashby, E. A. Obbens, and William R. Shapiro

Pathology of Intracranial Neoplasms, S. W. Coons and Lynn S. Ashby

Pain: Cause of agitation in elderly individuals with dementia [2], Y. E. Geda and T. A. Rummans


Visual loss in idiopathic intracranial hypertension after resolution of papilledema, K C. Golnik, T M. Devoto, R C. Kersten, and D Kulwin


An ice test for the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis, K C. Golnik, R Pena, A G. Lee, and E R. Eggenberger

Adolf Hitler's Cognitive Disorder and How it Affected His Conduct of World War II., Abraham N. Lieberman

Tissue expression and subcellular localization of CLN3, the Batten disease protein., L R Margraf, R L Boriack, A A Routheut, I Cuppen, L Alhilali, C J Bennett, and M J Bennett

Effect of changes in experimental design on patterns of brain activation during a static force paradigm: A PET study, Suraj Muley, James Ashe, Stephen Strother, John Anderson, Sally Frutiger, and David Rottenberg

Ophthalmoplegia associated with the anti-Ri antibody, R Ohmer, K C. Golnik, A I. Richards, and G S. Kosmorsky


Convergence insufficiency in idiopathic Parkinson's disease responsive to levodopa, B A. Racette, M S. Gokden, L S. Tychsen, and J S. Perlmutter

Efficacy and safety of a new bulk toxin of botulinum toxin in cervical dystonia: a blinded evaluation, B A. Racette, L McGee-Minnich, and J S. Perlmutter

Evaluation of a screening questionnaire for genetic studies of Parkinson's disease, B A. Racette, M Rundle, A Parsian, and J S. Perlmutter

Neurochemical markers do not correlate with cognitive decline in the Lewy body variant of Alzheimer disease, M N. Sabbagh, J Corey-Bloom, P Tiraboschi, R Thomas, E Masliah, and L J. Thal

Type 1 protease resistant prion protein and valine homozygosity at codon 129 of PRNP identify a subtype of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Bradford B. Worrall, Susan T. Herman, Sabina Capellari, Timothy Lynch, Steven Chin, Pierluigi Gambetti, and Piero Parchi

Submissions from 1998

Preventing contractures [correction of contractions] in neuroleptic malignant syndrome and dystonia., K J Black, B Racette, and J S Perlmutter

Recognition and Management of Horizontal Canal Benign Positional Vertigo, Terry D. Fife


Congenital optic nerve anomalies, K C. Golnik

Optic nerve head swelling in the Hadju-Cheney syndrome, K C. Golnik and R C. Kersten

New options for the treatment of epilepsy, Susan T. Herman and Timothy A. Pedley

Gene-Toxin Interaction as a Putative Risk Factor for Parkinson's Disease With Dementia, J. P. Hubble, J. H. Kurth, S. L. Glatt, M. C. Kurth, G. D. Schellenberg, R. E. Hassanein, Abraham N. Lieberman, and W. C. Koller

Safety of Intrastriatal Neurotransplantation for Huntington's Disease Patients, O. V. Kopyov, S. Jacques, Abraham N. Lieberman, C. M. Duma, and K. S. Eagle

Impotence in Parkinson's Disease, Abraham N. Lieberman

Managing the Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, Abraham N. Lieberman

A Multicenter Trial of Ropinirole as Adjunct Treatment for Parkinson's Disease, Abraham N. Lieberman, C. W. Olanow, K. Sethi, P. Swanson, C. H. Waters, S. Fahn, H. Hurtig, and M. Yahr

Neuropathy in erythropoietic protoporphyrias, S. A. Muley, H. A. Midani, J. M. Rank, R. Carithers, and Gareth J. Parry

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Preoperative treatment with botulinum toxin to facilitate cervical fusion in dystonic cerebral palsy. Report of two cases., B A Racette, C Lauryssen, and J S Perlmutter


Preoperative treatment with botulinum toxin to facilitate cervical fusion in dystonic cerebral palsy. Report of two cases, B A. Racette, C Lauryssen, and J S. Perlmutter


Levodopa responsive parkinsonism in an adult with Huntington's disease, B A. Racette and J S. Perlmutter


Correlation of nicotinic binding with neurochemical markers in Alzheimer's disease, M. N. Sabbagh, R. T. Reid, J. Corey-Bloom, T. S. Rao, L. A. Hansen, M. Alford, E. Masliah, A. Adem, G. K. Lloyd, and L. J. Thal

Pseudoneurologic syndromes: recognition and diagnosis, A Shaibani and M N. Sabbagh

Respiratory Function in Parkinson's Disease, Holly A. Shill and Mark Stacy

Submissions from 1997


Hippocampal sclerosis contributes to dementia in the elderly, J. Corey-Bloom, M. N. Sabbagh, M. W. Bondi, L. Hansen, M. F. Alford, E. Masliah, and L. J. Thal

Outcome Following Intrastriatal Fetal Mesencephalic Grafts for Parkinson's Patients is Directly Related to the Volume of Grafted Tissue, Oleg V. Kopyov, Deane Skip Jacques, Abraham N. Lieberman, Christopher M. Duma, and Robert L. Rogers

Types of cerebrovascular lesions associated with severe cerebral amyloid angiopathy in Alzheimer's disease, J M. Olichney, R J. Ellis, R Katzman, M N. Sabbagh, and L Hansen


The impact of apolipoprotein E4 on cause of death in Alzheimer's disease, J. M. Olichney, M. N. Sabbagh, C. R. Hofstetter, D. Galasko, M. Grundman, R. Katzman, and L. J. Thal


Correlations between SPECT regional cerebral blood flow and psychometric testing in patients with Alzheimer's disease, Marwan N. Sabbagh, Peggy Lynn, Satish Jhingran, Paul Massman, Javier Villanueva-Meyer, Jennifer Olup, and Rachelle S. Doody

Submissions from 1996


Magnetic resonance imaging in patients with unexplained optic neuropathy, K C. Golnik, P W. Hund, G A. Stroman, and W C. Stewart

Multicenter Placebo-Controlled Trial of Cabergoline Taken Once Daily in the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease, J. T. Hutton, W. C. Koller, J. E. Ahlskog, R. Pahwa, H. I. Hurtig, M. B. Stern, B. C. Hiner, Abraham N. Lieberman, R. F. Pfeiffer, R. L. Rodnitzky, C. H. Waters, M. D. Muenter, C. H. Adler, and J. L. Morris

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Pneumosinus dilatans: a sign of intracranial meningioma, N R. Miller, K C. Golnik, S M. Zeidman, and R B. North

Submissions from 1995

Novel Heuristics of Functional Neural Networks: Implications for Future Strategies in Functional Neurosurgery, Konstantin V. Baev, Karl A. Greene, Frederick F. Marciano, Andrew G. Shelter, Abraham N. Lieberman, and Robert F. Spetzler


Atonic pupil after cataract surgery, K C. Golnik, P W. Hund, and D J. Apple

Transient Resolution of Bilateral Tremor After Unilateral Thalamotomy Associated With Focal Injury of the Corpus Callosum: Case Report, Karl A. Greene, Robert C. Wallace, Evan K. Fram, Andrew G. Shetter, and Abraham N. Lieberman

Thoracoscopic thymectomy in patients with myasthenia gravis, M N. Sabbagh, J S. Garza, and B Patten


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Orbital infarction syndrome after surgery for intracranial aneurysms, C F. Zimmerman, P D. Van Patten, K C. Golnik, T A. Kopitnik, and R Anand

Submissions from 1994

Fluctuating Parkinson's Disease: Treatment With the Eong-Acting Dopamine Agonist Cabergoline, J. Eric Ahlskog, Manfred D. Muenter, Demetrius M. Maraganore, Joseph Y. Matsumoto, Abraham N. Lieberman, Kathy F. Wright, and Kay Wheeler


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Folate-responsive optic neuropathy, K C. Golnik and E R. Schaible

Laughter and crying in neurologic disorders, Aziz Taher Shaibani, Marwan N. Sabbagh, and Rachelle Doody


Horner's syndrome after tonsillectomy, C G. Shissias and K C. Golnik

Submissions from 1993

Temporal Dissociation of the Prehension Pattern in Parkinson's Disease, Umberto Castiello, George E. Stelmach, and Abraham N. Lieberman

Treatment of Advanced Parkinson's Disease, Abraham N. Lieberman


Combined obstruction of the central retinal artery and vein associated with meningeal carcinomatosis, E R. Schaible and K C. Golnik

Submissions from 1992

The Role of the Regulatory Enzymes of Catecholamine Synthesis in Parkinson's Disease, Menek Goldstein and Abraham N. Lieberman


Diagnosis of cavernous sinus arteriovenous fistula by measurement of ocular pulse amplitude, K C. Golnik and N R. Miller


Familial recurrent cranial nerve palsy, K C. Golnik and N R. Miller


Rate of progression and severity of neuro-ophthalmologic manifestations of cavernous sinus meningiomas, K C. Golnik, N R. Miller, and D M. Long

Dopamine Agonists Used as Monotherapy in De Novo PD Patients: Comparisons With Selegiline, Abraham N. Lieberman

Emerging Perspectives in Parkinson's Disease, Abraham N. Lieberman

Long-Term Experience With Selegiline and Levodopa in Parkinson's Disease, Abraham N. Lieberman


Ophthalmic involvement in myo-neuro-gastrointestinal encephalopathy syndrome, A B. Threlkeld, N R. Miller, K C. Golnik, J W. Griffin, R W. Kuncl, D R. Johns, M Lehar, and O Hurko

Submissions from 1991


Late recovery of function after oculomotor nerve palsy, K C. Golnik and N R. Miller

Angle-closure glaucoma consequent to embolization of dural cavernous sinus fistula, K C. Golnik, S A. Newman, and R Ferguson

Cryptococcal optic neuropathy in the acquired immune deficiency syndrome, K C. Golnik, S A. Newman, and B Wispelway

Experience With Selegiline and Levodopa in Advanced Parkinson's Disease, Abraham N. Lieberman and E. Fazzini

Submissions from 1990

Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy associated with macrocytic anemia, K C. Golnik and S A. Newman

Randomized Double-Blind Cross-Over Study of Sinemet-Controlled Release (CR4 50/200) Versus Sinemet 25/100 in Parkinson's Disease, Abraham N. Lieberman, Govindan Gopinathan, Edith Miller, Andreas Neophytides, Greg Baumann, and Linda Chin

Submissions from 1989

Adrenal Medullary Transplants as a Treatment for Advanced Parkinson's Disease, Abraham N. Lieberman, J. Ransohoff, P. Berczeller, P. Brous, K. Eng, M. Goldstein, B. Kaufman, M. Koslow, and L. Chin

Submissions from 1983

Spectroscopic and kinetics studies of the inhibition of pig kidney diamine oxidase by anions, D M. Dooley and K C. Golnik