Submissions from 2019


ALS Drug Development Guidances and Trial Guidelines: Consensus and Opportunities for Alignment, Jinsy A. Andrews, Lucie I. Bruijn, and Jeremy M. Shefner

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Emergency Preparedness of Secondary School Athletic Programs in Arizona, Tamara C. Valovich and Javier F. Cardenas


Ketones Improves Apolipoprotein E4-Related Memory Deficiency Via Sirtuin 3, Junxiang Yin, Megan Nielsen, Shiping Li, and Jiong Shi

Submissions from 2018


Vitality-ALS a Phase III Trial of Tirasemtiv a Selective Fast Skeletal Muscle Troponin Activator as a Potential Treatment for Patients With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Study Design and Baseline Characteristics, Jinsy A. Andrews, Merit E. Cudkowicz, Orla Hardiman, Lisa Meng, Amy Bian, Jacqueline Lee, Andrew A. Wolff, Fady I. Malik, and Jeremy M. Shefner

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Submissions from 2017

GBA Mutations in Parkinson Disease: Earlier Death But Similar Neuropathological Features, C. H. Adler, T. G. Beach, Holly A. Shill, John N. Caviness, E. Driver-Dunckley, M. N. Sabbagh, A. Patel, L. I. Sue, G. Serrano, S. A. Jacobson, K. Davis, C. M. Belden, B. N. Dugger, S. A. Paciga, A. R. Winslow, W. D. Hirst, and J. G. Hentz

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