Submissions from 2020

Bringing high-grade arteriovenous malformations under control: clinical outcomes following multimodality treatment in children., Ethan A Winkler, Alex Lu, Ramin A Morshed, John K Yue, W Caleb Rutledge, Jan-Karl Burkhardt, Arati B Patel, Simon G Ammanuel, Steve Braunstein, Christine K Fox, Heather J Fullerton, Helen Kim, Daniel Cooke, Steven W Hetts, Michael T. Lawton, Adib A Abla, and Nalin Gupta

A Thoracic Surgeon Among Neurosurgeons: Edward Archibald's Forgotten Influence on the Professionalization of Neurosurgery., Aqib H Zehri, Evgenii Belykh, Xiaochun Zhao, Richard Leblanc, and Mark C Preul

Submissions from 2019

Flow Diverters as a Scaffold for Treating Direct Carotid Cavernous Fistulas, Jacob F. Baranoski, Andrew F. Ducruet, Colin J. Przbylowski, Rami O. Almefty, Dale Ding, Joshua S. Catapano, Scott Brigeman, Vance L. Fredrickson, Daniel D. Cavalcanti, and Felipe C. Albuquerque

Posterior Open-Wedge Anterior Longitudinal Ligament Release: Cadaveric Technique Analysis, Michael A. Bohl, Randall J. Hlubek, David S. Xu, Claudio Cavallo, Mark C. Preul, Steve W. Chang, Jay D. Turner, Juan S. Uribe, and Udaya Kumar Kakarla

Evaluation of a Novel Surgical Skills Training Course: are Cadavers Still the Gold Standard for Surgical Skills Training?, Michael A. Bohl, Sarah McBryan, Charlotte Spear, Danielle Pais, Mark C. Preul, Brian Wilhelmi, Ariya Yeskel, Jay D. Turner, Udaya Kumar Kakarla, and Peter Nakaji

Left Transsylvian-Transinsular Approach for Radiation-Induced Cavernous Malformation: 3-Dimensional Operative Video, Jan Karl Burkhardt, Sirin Gandhi, Halima Tabani, Arnau Benet, and Michael T. Lawton

Single-Barrel Versus Double-Barrel Superficial Temporal Artery to Middle Cerebral Artery Bypass: A Comparative Analysis, Jan Karl Burkhardt, Ethan A. Winkler, Sirin Gandhi, and Michael T. Lawton

Anatomical and Objective Evaluation of the Main Surgical Approaches to Pontine Intra-Axial Lesions, Daniel D. Cavalcanti, Eberval G. Figueiredo, Mark C. Preul, and Robert F. Spetzler

Clinical Outcomes Following Awake and Asleep Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson Disease, Tsinsue Chen, Zaman Mirzadeh, Kristina M. Chapple, Margaret Lambert, Holly A. Shill, Guillermo Moguel-Cobos, Alexander I. Tröster, Rohit Dhall, and Francisco A. Ponce

Use of the Apollo Detachable-Tip Microcatheter for Endovascular Embolization of Arteriovenous Malformations and Arteriovenous Fistulas, Bruno C. Flores, Alfred P. See, Gregory M. Weiner, Brian T. Jankowitz, Andrew F. Ducruet, and Felipe C. Albuquerque


Integration of Machine Learning and Mechanistic Models Accurately Predicts Variation in Cell Density of Glioblastoma Using Multiparametric MRI, Nathan Gaw, Andrea Hawkins-Daarud, Leland S. Hu, Hyunsoo Yoon, Lujia Wang, Yanzhe Xu, Pamela R. Jackson, Kyle W. Singleton, Leslie C. Baxter, Jennifer Eschbacher, Ashlyn Gonzales, Ashley Nespodzany, Kris A. Smith, Peter Nakaji, J. Ross Mitchell, Teresa Wu, Kristin R. Swanson, and Jing Li

Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Interbody Fusion With Robotically Assisted Bilateral Pedicle Screw Fixation: 2-Dimensional Operative Video, Jakub Godzik, Corey T. Walker, Nicholas Theodore, Juan S. Uribe, Steven W. Chang, and Laura A. Snyder

The Identification of Factors That Influence the Quality of Bypass Anastomosis and an Evaluation of the Usefulness of an Experimental Practical Scale in This Regard, Ahmad Hafez, Justiina Huhtakangas, Sajjad Muhammad, Michael T. Lawton, Rokuya Tanikawa, and Mika Niemelä

Analysis of Cost and 30-Day Outcomes in Single-Level Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion and Less Invasive Stand-Alone Lateral Transpsoas Interbody Fusion, Cory Hartman, Courtney Hemphill, Jakub Godzik, Corey T. Walker, Joshua T. Wewel, Jay D. Turner, and Juan S. Uribe

Operative Management of Idiopathic Spinal Cord Herniation: Case Series and Novel Technique for Repair of Recurrent Herniation, Randall J. Hlubek, David S. Xu, Celene B. Mulholland, Jourdan Gilson, Nicholas Theodore, Jay D. Turner, and Udaya Kumar Kakarla

Social Media and Predictors of Traditional Citations: Insights From the Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery, Ashutosh P. Jadhav, Andrew F. Ducruet, Reade De Leacy, and Kyle M. Fargen

The Future of Open Vascular Neurosurgery: Perspectives on Cavernous Malformations Avms and Bypasses for Complex Aneurysms, Michael T. Lawton and Michael J. Lang


Trends and Challenges for the Clinical Adoption of Fluorescence-Guided Surgery, Jonathan T.C. Liu and Nader Sanai

Assessment of the Endoscopic Endonasal Approach to the Basilar Apex Region for Aneurysm Clipping, Ali Tayebi Meybodi, Arnau Benet, Vera Vigo, Roberto Rodriguez Rubio, Sonia Yousef, Pooneh Mokhtari, Flavia Dones, Sofia Kakaizada, and Michael T. Lawton

Long-Term Results of Middle Cerebral Artery Aneurysm Clipping in the Barrow Ruptured Aneurysm Trial, Michael A. Mooney, Elias D. Simon, Scott Brigeman, Peter Nakaji, Joseph M. Zabramski, Michael T. Lawton, and Robert F. Spetzler

Single Position Spinal Surgery for the Treatment of Grade II Spondylolisthesis: A Technical Note, Esteban Quiceno, Cory Hartman, Jakub Godzik, Mark A. Pacult, Courtney Hemphill, and Juan S. Uribe

Pedicled Vascularized Occipital Bone Graft to Supplement Atlantoaxial Arthrodesis for the Treatment of Pseudoarthrosis, Edward M. Reece, Aditya Vedantam, Sungho Lee, Mohin Bhadkamkar, Matthew Kaufman, Michael A. Bohl, Steve W. Chang, Randall W. Porter, Nicholas Theodore, Udaya Kumar Kakarla, and Alexander E. Ropper

In Reply: Minimally Invasive Exposure of the Maxillary Artery at the Anteromedial Infratemporal Fossa, Roberto Rodriguez Rubio, Olivia Kola, Michael T. Lawton, and Arnau Benet

How to Build a Neurosurgical Oncology Practice Specializing in Gliomas, Nader Sanai

Accuracy in Deep Brain Stimulation Electrode Placement: A Single-Surgeon Retrospective Analysis of Sterotactic Error in Overlapping and Non-Overlapping Surgical Cases, John P. Sheehy, Tsinsue Chen, Michael A. Bohl, Michael A. Mooney, Zaman Mirzadeh, and Francisco A. Ponce

Epilepsy Functional Neurosurgery and Pain, Kyle I. Swanson, Kris A. Smith, Zaman Mirzadeh, and Francisco A. Ponce

Cervical Template to Optimize the Plate-To-Disc Distance in Instrumented Anterior Cervical Discectomies and Fusions: Instrumentation Assessment, Luis M. Tumialán

Future Studies and Directions for the Optimization of Outcomes for Lumbar Spondylolisthesis, Luis M. Tumialán

The History of and Controversy Over Kambin's Triangle: A Historical Analysis of the Lumbar Transforaminal Corridor for Endoscopic and Surgical Approaches, Luis M. Tumialán, Karthik Madhavan, Jakub Godzik, and Michael Y. Wang

Complications for Minimally Invasive Lateral Interbody Arthrodesis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Comparing Prepsoas and Transpsoas Approaches, Corey T. Walker, S. Harrison Farber, Tyler S. Cole, David S. Xu, Jakub Godzik, Alexander C. Whiting, Cory Hartman, Randall W. Porter, Jay D. Turner, and Juan S. Uribe

The Re-Anastomosis End-To-End Bypass Technique: A Comprehensive Review of the Technical Characteristics and Surgical Experience, Long Wang, Li Cai, Hai Qian, Rokuya Tanikawa, Michael T. Lawton, and Xiang Shi

Visualization Technologies for 5-ALA-Based Fluorescence-Guided Surgeries, Linpeng Wei, David W. Roberts, Nader Sanai, and Jonathan T.C. Liu

Peri-Lead Edema After Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery: A Poorly Understood but Frequent Complication, Alexander C. Whiting, Joshua S. Catapano, Corey T. Walker, Jakub Godzik, Margaret Lambert, and Francisco A. Ponce

Microsurgical Treatment of Recurrent Conus Medullaris Arteriovenous Malformation: 2-Dimensional Operative Video, M. Neil Woodall and Robert F. Spetzler

Long-Term Patency in Cerebral Revascularization Surgery: An Analysis of a Consecutive Series of 430 Bypasses, Seungwon Yoon, Jan Karl Burkhardt, and Michael T. Lawton

Sodium Perturbations After Pituitary Surgery, Kevin C.J. Yuen, Adnan Ajmal, Ricardo Correa, and Andrew S. Little

Submissions from 2018


Microvascular Anastomosis Under 3D Exoscope or Endoscope Magnification: A Proof-Of-Concept Study, Evgenii Belykh, Laeth George, Xiaochun Zhao, Alessandro Carotenuto, Leandro Moreira, Kaan Yağmurlu, Baran Bozkurt, Vadim Byvaltsev, Peter Nakaji, and Mark Preul

Deep Brain Stimulation for Intractable Neuropathic Facial Pain, Sharona Ben-Haim, Zaman Mirzadeh, and William S. Rosenberg

Vascularized Spinous Process Graft Rotated on a Paraspinous Muscle Pedicle for Lumbar Fusion: Technique Description and Early Clinical Experience, Michael A. Bohl, Kaith K. Almefty, Mark C. Preul, Jay D. Turner, Udaya Kumar Kakarla, Edward M. Reece, and Steve W. Chang

Divergent Bilateral Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion With Cortical Screw Fixation: Description of New Trajectory for Interbody Technique From Midline Exposure, Michael A. Bohl, Randall J. Hlubek, U. Kumar Kakarla, and Steve W. Chang

Novel Surgical Treatment Strategies for Unstable Lumbar Osteodiscitis: A 3-Patient Case Series, Michael A. Bohl, Randall J. Hlubek, Jay D. Turner, Edward M. Reece, Udaya Kumar Kakarla, and Steve W. Chang

The Barrow Innovation Center Case Series: Early Clinical Experience With Novel Low-Cost Techniques for Bone Graft Containment in the Posterolateral Fusion Bed, Michael A. Bohl, David S. Xu, Lorin Daniels, Steve W. Chang, Peter Nakaji, Randall W. Porter, and Udaya Kumar Kakarla

Quantitative Anatomic Analysis of the Transcallosal-Transchoroidal Approach and the Transcallosal-Subchoroidal Approach to the Floor of the Third Ventricle: An Anatomic Study, Baran Bozkurt, Kaan Yagmurlu, Evgenii Belykh, Ali Tayebi Meybodi, Michael S. Staren, Joseph L. Aklinski, Mark C. Preul, Andrew W. Grande, Peter Nakaji, and Michael T. Lawton

Contralateral Posterior Interhemispheric Approach to Deep Medial Parietooccipital Vascular Malformations: Surgical Technique and Results, Jan Karl Burkhardt, Ethan A. Winkler, and Michael T. Lawton

Intraoperative Test Stimulation Versus Stereotactic Accuracy as a Surgical End Point: A Comparison of Essential Tremor Outcomes After Ventral Intermediate Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation, Tsinsue Chen, Zaman Mirzadeh, Kristina M. Chapple, Margaret Lambert, Virgilio G. Evidente, Guillermo Moguel-Cobos, Srivadee Oravivattanakul, Padma R. Mahant, and Francisco A. Ponce

Clinical Application of an Open-Source 3D Volume Rendering Software to Neurosurgical Approaches, Bruno Fernandes de Oliveira Santos, Marcos Devanir Silva da Costa, Ricardo Silva Centeno, Sergio Cavalheiro, Manoel Antonio de Paiva Neto, Michael T. Lawton, and Feres Chaddad-Neto


Ependymomas Overexpress Chemoresistance and Dna Repairrelated Proteins, Sherise D. Ferguson, Shouhao Zhou, Joanne Xiu, Yuuri Hashimoto, Nader Sanai, Lyndon Kim, Santosh Kesari, John de Groot, David Spetzler, and Amy B. Heimberger

A Multi-Institutional Analysis of the Untreated Course of Cerebral Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas, Bradley A. Gross, Felipe C. Albuquerque, Cameron G. McDougall, Brian T. Jankowitz, Ashutosh P. Jadhav, Tudor G. Jovin, and Rose Du

Activation of JAK/STAT3 Restores NK-Cell Function and Improves Immune Defense After Brain Ischemia, Wei Na Jin, Andrew F. Ducruet, Qiang Liu, Samuel Xiang Yu Shi, Michael F. Waters, Ming Zou, Kevin N. Sheth, Rayna Gonzales, and Fu-Dong Shi

Combined Endovascular and Microsurgical Treatment of a Premotor Arteriovenous Malformation: 2-Dimensional Operative Video, M. Yashar S. Kalani and Robert F. Spetzler

Preoperative Prediction of the Necessity for Anterior Clinoidectomy During Microsurgical Clipping of Ruptured Posterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms, Tomoya Kamide, Jan Karl Burkhardt, Halima Tabani, Michael M. Safaee, and Michael T. Lawton

Microsurgical Clipping of Ophthalmic Artery Aneurysms: Surgical Results and Visual Outcomes With 208 Aneurysms, Tomoya Kamide, Halima Tabani, Michael M. Safaee, Jan Karl Burkhardt, and Michael T. Lawton

Identification of Therapeutic Targets in Chordoma Through Comprehensive Genomic and Transcriptomic Analyses, Winnie S. Liang, Christopher Dardis, Adrienne Helland, Shobana Sekar, Jonathan Adkins, Lori Cuyugan, Daniel Enriquez, Sara Byron, and Andrew S. Little

Comprehensive Anatomic Assessment of the Pterional Orbitopterional and Orbitozygomatic Approaches for Basilar Apex Aneurysm Clipping, Ali Tayebi Meybodi, Arnau Benet, Roberto Rodriguez Rubio, Sonia Yousef, and Michael T. Lawton

Analysis of Overlapping Surgery in Patients Undergoing Microsurgical Aneurysm Clipping: Acute and Long-Term Outcomes From the Barrow Ruptured Aneurysm Trial, Michael A. Mooney, Scott Brigeman, Michael A. Bohl, Elias D. Simon, John P. Sheehy, Steve W. Chang, and Robert F. Spetzler

Immediate Ex-Vivo Diagnosis of Pituitary Adenomas Using Confocal Reflectance Microscopy: A Proof-Of-Principle Study, Michael A. Mooney, Joseph Georges, Mohammedhassan Izady Yazdanabadi, Katherine Y. Goehring, William L. White, Andrew S. Little, Mark C. Preul, Stephen W. Coons, Peter Nakaji, and Jennifer M. Eschbacher

Commentary: Incorporating a Modified Graeb Score to the Modified Fisher Scale for Improved Risk Prediction of Delayed Cerebral Ischemia Following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Peter Nakaji

Preoperative Embolization of Skull Base Meningiomas: Outcomes in the Onyx Era, Colin J. Przybylowski, Jacob F. Baranoski, Alfred P. See, Bruno C. Flores, Rami O. Almefty, Dale Ding, Kristina M. Chapple, Nader Sanai, Andrew F. Ducruet, and Felipe C. Albuquerque

Outcomes After Hemispherectomy in Adult Patients With Intractable Epilepsy: Institutional Experience and Systematic Review of the Literature, Courtney M. Schusse, Kris A. Smith, and Cornelia Drees

Randomized Double-Blinded Placebo-Controlled Trial Comparing Two Multimodal Opioid-Minimizing Pain Management Regimens Following Transsphenoidal Surgery, Deborah M. Shepherd, Heidi Jahnke, William L. White, and Andrew S. Little

Analysis of Saccular Aneurysms in the Barrow Ruptured Aneurysm Trial, Robert F. Spetzler, Joseph M. Zabramski, Cameron G. McDougall, Felipe C. Albuquerque, Nancy K. Hills, Robert C. Wallace, and Peter Nakaji

Modern Classification and Outcome Predictors of Surgery in Patients With Brain Arteriovenous Malformations, Ali Tayebimeybodi and Michael T. Lawton

Fingolimod Enhances the Efficacy of Delayed Alteplase Administration in Acute Ischemic Stroke by Promoting Anterograde Reperfusion and Retrograde Collateral Flow, De Cai Tian, Kaibin Shi, Zilong Zhu, Jia Yao, Xiaoxia Yang, Lei Su, Sheng Zhang, Meixia Zhang, Rayna J. Gonzales, Qiang Liu, De Ren Huang, Michael F. Waters, Kevin N. Sheth, Andrew F. Ducruet, Ying Fu, Min Lou, and Fu-Dong Shi

Anatomic Basis for Minimally Invasive Resection of Intradural Extramedullary Lesions in Thoracic Spine, Luis M. Tumialán, Nicholas Theodore, Mohan Narayanan, Frederick F. Marciano, and Peter Nakaji

Human Amniotic Membrane for the Prevention of Intradural Spinal Cord Adhesions: Retrospective Review of Its Novel Use in a Case Series of 14 Patients, Corey T. Walker, Jakub Godzik, Udaya Kumar Kakarla, Jay D. Turner, Alexander C. Whiting, and Peter Nakaji

The Burden of Neurothrombectomy Call: A Multicenter Prospective Study, Michelle M. Williams, Taylor A. Wilson, Thabele Leslie-Mazwi, Joshua A. Hirsch, Ryan T. Kellogg, Alejandro M. Spiotta, Reade De Leacy, J. Mocco, Felipe C. Albuquerque, Andrew F. Ducruet, Adam Arthur, Visish M. Srinivasan, Peter Kan, Maxim Mokin, Travis M. Dumont, Alan Reeves, Jasmeet Singh, Stacey Q. Wolfe, and Kyle M. Fargen

Coding of Episodic Memory in the Human Hippocampus, John T. Wixted, Stephen D. Goldinger, Larry R. Squire, Joel R. Kuhn, Megan H. Papesh, Kris A. Smith, David M. Treiman, and Peter N. Steinmetz

An Extent of Resection Threshold for Seizure Freedom in Patients With Low-Grade Gliomas, David S. Xu, Al Wala Awad, Chad Mehalechko, Jeffrey R. Wilson, Lynn S. Ashby, Stephen W. Coons, and Nader Sanai

An Alternative Endoscopic Anterolateral Route to Meckel's Cave: an Anatomic Feasibility Study Using a Sublabial Transmaxillary Approach, Kaan Yağmurlu, Michael A. Mooney, Kaith K. Almefty, Baran Bozkurt, Necmettin Tanrıöver, Andrew S. Little, and Mark C. Preul

Anterior Interhemispheric Transsplenial Approach to Pineal Region Tumors: Anatomical Study and Illustrative Case, Kaan Yagmurlu, Hasan A. Zaidi, M. Yashar S. Kalani, Albert L. Rhoton, Mark C. Preul, and Robert F. Spetzler

Submissions from 2017

Assessing the Relevancy of Highly Cited Works in Neurosurgery. Part I: The 100 Most Relevant Papers in Neurosurgical Journals, Michael A. Bohl and Francisco A. Ponce

Complication Rates Lengths of Stay and Readmission Rates in "Awake" and "Asleep" Deep Brain Simulation, Tsinsue Chen, Zaman Mirzadeh, Kristina Chapple, Margaret Lambert, and Francisco A. Ponce

Cost of Deep Brain Stimulation Infection Resulting in Explantation, Tsinsue Chen, Zaman Mirzadeh, Margaret Lambert, Omar Gonzalez, Ana Moran, Andrew G. Shetter, and Francisco A. Ponce

"Asleep" Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery: A Critical Review of the Literature, Tsinsue Chen, Zaman Mirzadeh, and Francisco A. Ponce


Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor: two Case Reports and an Analysis of Adult Cases With Implications for Pathophysiology and Treatment, Christopher Dardis, Jared Yeo, Kelly Milton, Lynn S. Ashby, Kris A. Smith, Shwetal Mehta, Emad Youssef, Jenny Eschbacher, Kathy Tucker, Laughlin Dawes, Neil Lambie, Elizabeth Algar, and Elizabeth Hovey

Contribution of Neural Elements to Thoracic Stability, Fatih Ersay Deniz, Phillip M. Reyes, Bruno C.R. Lazaro, Felix C. Dominguez, Anna G.U.S. Newcomb, Volker K.H. Sonntag, and Neil R. Crawford

Endovascular Treatment of Previously Clipped Aneurysms: Continued Evolution of Hybrid Neurosurgery, Bradley A. Gross, Felipe C. Albuquerque, Karam Moon, Andrew F. Ducruet, and Cameron G. McDougall

A Rare but Morbid Neurosurgical Target: Petrous Aneurysms and Their Endovascular Management in the Stent/Flow Diverter Era, Bradley A. Gross, Karam Moon, Andrew F. Ducruet, and Felipe C. Albuquerque

Simple Training Tricks for Mastering and Taming Bypass Procedures in Neurosurgery, Ahmad Hafez, Rahul Raj, Michael T. Lawton, and Mika Niemelä

Safety and Accuracy of Freehand Versus Navigated Iliac Screws: Results From 222 Screw Placements, Randall J. Hlubek, Kaith K. Almefty, David S. Xu, Jay D. Turner, and Udaya Kumar Kakarla

Nonoperative Management of Odontoid Fractures: Is Halo Vest Immobilization Warranted?, Randall J. Hlubek and Peter Nakaji


Single Neuron Recordings of Bilinguals Performing in a Continuous Recognition Memory Task, Erika K. Hussey, Kiel Christianson, David M. Treiman, Kris A. Smith, and Peter N. Steinmetz

Incidence and Predictors of Dural Venous Sinus Pressure Gradient in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and Non-Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Headache Patients: Results From 164 Cerebral Venograms, Michael R. Levitt, Randall J. Hlubek, Karam Moon, M. Yashar Kalani, Peter Nakaji, Kris A. Smith, Andrew S. Little, Kerry Knievel, Jane W. Chan, Cameron G. McDougall, and Felipe C. Albuquerque


Rater Reliability of the Hardy Classification for Pituitary Adenomas in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Era, Michael A. Mooney, Douglas A. Hardesty, John P. Sheehy, C. Roger Bird, Kristina Chapple, William L. White, and Andrew S. Little

Surgical Management of Incidental Gliomas, Imran Noorani and Nader Sanai

An Outcomes-Based Grading Scale for the Evaluation of Cerebral Aneurysms Treated With Flow Diversion, Min S. Park, Marcus D. Mazur, Karam Moon, Michael J. Nanaszko, John R.W. Kestle, Lubdha M. Shah, Blair Winegar, Felipe C. Albuquerque, Philipp Taussky, and Cameron G. McDougall

Basilar Stroke From a Persistent Hypoglossal Artery, Alfred P. See, Jacob F. Baranoski, Bruno C. Flores, Andrew F. Ducruet, and Felipe C. Albuquerque

Motor Cortex Arteriovenous Malformation, Alfred P. See, Bruno C. Flores, Karam Moon, Andrew F. Ducruet, Robert F. Spetzler, and Felipe C. Albuquerque


Optical-Sectioning Microscopy of Protoporphyrin Ix Fluorescence in Human Gliomas: Standardization and Quantitative Comparison With Histology, Linpeng Wei, Ye Chen, Chengbo Yin, Sabine Borwege, Nader Sanai, and Jonathan T.C. Liu

Revascularization of Moyamoya Angiopathy in Older Adults, Richard W. Williamson, Adib A. Abla, Joseph M. Zabramski, Peter Nakaji, Robert F. Spetzler, and John E. Wanebo

Geopolitical Forces and the Challenges for Developing World Neurosurgery Training, Ernest J. Wright and Peter Nakaji

Use of Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Frequently Refutes Diagnosis of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, David S. Xu, Randall J. Hlubek, Celene B. Mulholland, Kerry Knievel, Kris A. Smith, and Peter Nakaji

Deep Brain Stimulation for Alzheimer's Disease, David S. Xu and Francisco A. Ponce

Quantitative Anatomical Analysis and Clinical Experience With Mini-Pterional and Mini-Orbitozygomatic Approaches for Intracranial Aneurysm Surgery, Kaan Yagmurlu, Sam Safavi-Abbasi, Evgenii Belykh, M. Yashar S. Kalani, Peter Nakaji, Albert L. Rhoton, Robert F. Spetzler, and Mark C. Preul


Tissue Plasminogen Activator Mediates Deleterious Complement Cascade Activation in Stroke, Xue Jun Zhao, Timothy M. Larkin, Molly A. Lauver, Saif Ahmad, and Andrew F. Ducruet

Submissions from 2016

Stereotactic Laser Ablation as Treatment for Brain Metastases That Recur After Stereotactic Radiosurgery: A Multiinstitutional Experience, Mir Amaan Ali, Kate T. Carroll, Robert C. Rennert, Thomas Hamelin, Leon Chang, Brian P. Lemkuil, Mayur Sharma, Jill S. Barnholtz-Sloan, Charlotte Myers, Gene H. Barnett, Kris A. Smith, Alireza M. Mohammadi, Andrew E. Sloan, and Clark C. Chen

Rethinking Traumatic Brain Injury, Kaith K. Almefty and Randall W. Porter

Importance of Continued Support for Microsurgical Anatomical Studies, Kaith K. Almefty and Robert F. Spetzler


Gliadel Wafer Implantation Combined With Standard Radiotherapy and Concurrent Followed by Adjuvant Temozolomide for Treatment of Newly Diagnosed High-Grade Glioma: A Systematic Literature Review, Lynn S. Ashby, Kris A. Smith, and Baldassarre Stea

The Efficacy and Risks of Preoperative Embolization of Spinal Tumors, Al Wala Awad, Kaith K. Almefty, Andrew F. Ducruet, Jay D. Turner, Nicholas Theodore, Cameron G. McDougall, and Felipe C. Albuquerque