A two-stage combined anterolateral and endoscopic endonasal approach to the petroclival region: an anatomical study and clinical application

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OBJECT: The pretemporal transcavernous anterior petrosal (PTAP) approach and the combined petrosal (CP) approach have been used to resect petroclival meningiomas (PCMs). In this cadaveric anatomical study, a two-stage combined PTAP and endoscopic endonasal far medial (EEFM) approach (the PTAPE approach) was compared morphometrically to the CP approach. A case study provides a clinical example of using the PTAPE approach to treat a patient with a PCM. The key elements of the approach selection process are outlined. METHODS: Five cadaveric specimens underwent a CP approach and 5 underwent a PTAPE approach. The area of drilled clivus, length of multiple cranial nerves (CNs), and the area of brain stem exposure were measured, reported as means (standard deviations) by group, and compared. RESULTS: The total area of the clivus drilled in the PTAPE group (695.3 [121.7] mm) was greater than in the CP group (88.7 [17.06] mm, P < 0.01). Longer segments of CN VI were exposed via the PTAPE than the CP approach (35.6 [9.07] vs. 16.3 [6.02] mm, P < 0.01). CN XII (8.8 [1.06] mm) was exposed only in the PTAPE group. Above the pontomedullary sulcus, the total area of brain stem exposed was greater with the PTAPE than the CP approach (1003.4 [219.5] mm vs. 437.6 [83.7] mm, P < 0.01). Similarly, the total exposure of the medulla was greater after the PTAPE than the CP exposure (240.2 [57.06] mm vs. 48.1 [19.9] mm, P < 0.01). CONCLUSION: A combined open-endoscopic paradigm is proposed for managing large PCMs. This approach incorporates the EEFM approach to address the limitations of the PTAP and the CP approach in a systematic fashion. Understanding the anatomical findings of this study will aid in tailoring surgical approaches to patients with these complex lesions.

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Cadaver; Cranial Fossa, Posterior (anatomy & histology, surgery); Humans; Meningeal Neoplasms (surgery); Meningioma (surgery); Neurosurgical Procedures; Petrous Bone (surgery); Skull Base Neoplasms (surgery)

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