Modulation of type III collagen synthesis in bovine corneal endothelial cells.


E P Kay
S Oh

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Bovine corneal endothelial cells in culture synthesize predominantly type III collagen, unlike rabbit corneal endothelial cultures which synthesize type IV collagen. In an attempt to document whether this type III collagen synthesis by bovine cells is a tissue culture-specific phenomenon, collagens synthesized by organ culture of bovine Descemet's membrane/corneal endothelium complex were compared with those of subsequent tissue culture cells, up to the eighth passage. The biosynthetically labeled collagens were analyzed on SDS electrophoresis. The soluble fractions of tissues extracted with neutral salt followed by pepsin digestion contained only type I collagen; no other radiolabeled collagens were detected in organ culture. When pepsin treatment was eliminated, type IV collagen was identified in the tissue extract by immunoblot analysis using monoclonal antibody; type III collagen failed to show a positive band by immunoblot analysis. The pepsin-treated medium fraction of the primary culture contained types I, III and V collagen; type IV collagen was identified by either the characteristic electrophoretic mobility or by immunoblot analysis only prior to the proteolysis step. The subsequent subcultures continued to synthesize types I, III and V collagen, but type IV collagen was no longer detectable from the third passage on. No substantial quantitative changes in the expression of individual collagens were observed during subculture. From the primary culture, type I collagen accounted for 30%, type III for 60% and type V for 10%. Enhanced expression of type III collagen was observed in the eighth passage and in primary cultures grown on type I collagen matrix.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


Animals, Cattle, Collagen, Culture Techniques, Descemet Membrane, Endothelium, Corneal, Organ Culture Techniques

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Animals; Cattle; Collagen; Culture Techniques; Descemet Membrane; Endothelium, Corneal; Organ Culture Techniques

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