Submissions from 2023


Resilience Room Use and Its Effect on Distress Among Nurses and Allied Staff, Virginia Prendergast, Sandra Elmasry, Natasha A. Juhl, and Kristina M. Chapple

Submissions from 2021


Evaluation and Acceptance of an Electric Toothbrush Designed for Dependent Patients, Virginia Prendergast and Kristina M. Chapple

Submissions from 2019


Scholarship in Neuroscience Nursing, Joanne Hickey, Lisa V. Duffy, Janice L. Hinkle, Virginia Prendergast, Lori M. Rhudy, Cindy Sullivan, and Nancy E. Villanueva

Submissions from 2018


Validation of The Critical-care Pain Observation Tool (CPOT) for the detection of oral-pharyngeal pain in critically ill adults, Craig M. Dale, Virginia Prendergast, Céline Gélinas, and Louise Rose


Oral Care Assessment Tools and Interventions After Stroke, Virginia Prendergast and Janice L. Hinkle

Submissions from 2015

Interprofessional practice: translating evidence-based oral care to hospital care, Virginia Prendergast and Cindy Kleiman

Submissions from 2013


The Bedside Oral Exam and the Barrow Oral Care Protocol: translating evidence-based oral care into practice, Virginia Prendergast, Cindy Kleiman, and Mary King

Submissions from 2012


Effects of a standard versus comprehensive oral care protocol among intubated neuroscience ICU patients: results of a randomized controlled trial, Virginia Prendergast, Ulf Jakobsson, Stefan Renvert, and Ingalill Rahm Hallberg

Submissions from 2011


Electric versus manual tooth brushing among neuroscience ICU patients: is it safe?, Virginia Prendergast, Peter Hagell, and Ingalill Rahm Hallberg

Submissions from 2009


Oral health, ventilator-associated pneumonia, and intracranial pressure in intubated patients in a neuroscience intensive care unit, Virginia Prendergast, Ingalill Rahm Hallberg, Heidi Jahnke, Cindy Kleiman, and Peter Hagell

Submissions from 2003


Colored pain drawings: preliminary observations in a neurosurgical practice, Roberto Masferrer, Virginia Prendergast, and Peter Hagell

Submissions from 2000

Acute spinal cord injury. Nursing considerations for the first 72 hours, V Prendergast and C Sullivan

Submissions from 1997

Stroke and women, M K. Bader and V Prendergast


Profiles of cognitive functioning in subjects with neurological disorders, M Cammermeyer and V Prendergast

Submissions from 1995


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Submissions from 1994


Current trends in research and treatment of intracranial hypertension, V Prendergast

Submissions from 1991

Spinal cord damage with diving injuries. Considerations for nursing care, C M. Browner and V Prendergast

Effects of auditory stimuli on comatose patients with head injury, V Prendergast and J Archibald

Submissions from 1987


Bacterial meningitis update, V Prendergast