Ground release SF6 tracer experiments used to characterize transport and dispersion of atmospheric pollutants during the Southern California air quality study of 1987

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Four sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) tracer studies were conducted in order to document the transport and dispersion of certain ground level emissions during the Southern California Air Quality Study (SCAQS) in 1987. The tracer studies were conducted (i) to help improve forecast models, and (ii) to provide data to test numerical model simulations which attempt to predict pollution levels throughout the Los Angeles basin. An objective interpolation and extrapolation model, referred to as WIND, was developed in order to rapidly utilize the South Coast Air Quality Management's (SCAQMD) wind telemetry data. Currently WIND is run on an IBM PS2 personal computer with a high resolution color monitor. The purpose of this report is (i) to present the pertinent data concerning the transport and dispersion of morning and evening emissions from downtown Los Angeles, and (ii) to discuss the implications of these data.

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Proceedings - A&WMA Annual Meeting



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