Enhanced Milieu Teaching with Phonological Emphasis: A Pilot Telepractice Parent Training Study for Toddlers with Clefts

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OBJECTIVE: the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of training caregivers to use intervention strategies from the Enhanced Milieu Teaching with Phonological Emphasis (EMT + PE) program, delivered via telepractice, and to examine the effects on child speech and language outcomes for children with repaired cleft lip +/- palate (CL/P). DESIGN: A multiple baseline within subject design across parent behaviors was replicated across three participating dyads. A pre-post intervention comparison was provided with a non-cleft twin. PARTICIPANTS: Three mother-child dyads participated in this study. Children ranged in age from 21 to 27 months at the beginning of the study and all had a diagnosis of CL/P. A noncleft twin without CL/P was assessed pre- and post-intervention to provide a normative comparison. RESULTS: Parents demonstrated a positive intervention effect by substantially increasing their use of EMT + PE intervention strategies during telepractice intervention sessions (Tau 0.675 to 1.1333). Following the conclusion of intervention, parents were able to maintain their use of strategies once direct coaching had been discontinued. Children demonstrated increased talking rate, improved speech production and expanded expressive vocabulary measures over the course of intervention. Speech and language development of a child without cleft palate was provided as a comparison. CONCLUSIONS: Parents were trained through telepractice to effectively deliver EMT + PE speech and language facilitation strategies that resulted in increased language and speech outcomes for their children with CL/P.

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