Barrow Neurological Institute is comprised of multiple subspecialty areas. We see outpatients with neurological symptoms, and also have a busy inpatient service taking care of patients with the wide range of neurological illnesses.

Our mission is to provide excellent patient care, train the next generation of neurologists including medical students, neurology residents, and subspecialty fellows, and to perform cutting edge research that will improve the lives of our patients.


Submissions from 2015


Obligatory role of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in the heart's antioxidant adaptation with exercise, Steve R. Roof, Hsiang-Ting Ho, Sean C. Little, Joseph E. Ostler, Elizabeth A. Brundage, Muthu Periasamy, Frederick A. Villamena, Sandor Györke, Brandon J. Biesiadecki, Christophe Heymes, Steven R. Houser, Jonathan P. Davis, and Mark T. Ziolo

Submissions from 2014


Effects of insulin resistance on skeletal muscle growth and exercise capacity in type 2 diabetic mouse models, Joseph E. Ostler, Santosh K. Maurya, Justin Dials, Steve R. Roof, Steven T. Devor, Mark T. Ziolo, and Muthu Periasamy

Submissions from 2013


Neuronal nitric oxide synthase is indispensable for the cardiac adaptive effects of exercise, Steve R. Roof, Lifei Tang, Joseph E. Ostler, Muthu Periasamy, Sandor Györke, George E. Billman, and Mark T. Ziolo